Are “Close-Up” Photos of Police Wrong or Illegal?

This quote is from the new Big Island  Police Chief…

…When police arrived, the blogger took a “close-up photo” of Officer Jennifer Lee…”

So we are allowed to take pictures of Police Officers… Just not “Close-ups”?

I don’t understand.  My camera was on Zoom from taking a close up of another picture already.   I was at least 30-50 feet away from the officer when I took the picture of her getting out of her car?

Is using a zoom on your camera now considered “rude”?

Anyone that views the picture can tell it’s a “Close-up” however they can tell the picture is taken from at least 30-40 feet.

Things that make you say hmm?

What’s more scary?

A person taking stealth pictures inside the Post Office because they are mad at a long line… or a person who is taking quite obvious pictures of the outside of the building looking at ADA compliance?

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  1. When I found this news about the UK making it illegal to photograph police, I thought of you.

    I’m in Kona, I enjoy your blog, you work hard! Thanks. Feel free to email me at [email protected]

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