Closing the Anonymous BS

A few weeks I announced that I was going to allow “Anonymous” comments.

I have since changed my mind.  There wasn’t any particular comment in general that has made me come to this decision, I just read a comment on another blog about strangers on blogs and it was kind of creepy.

So feel free to leave a comment, however, I will be asking for an email address from now on.  You can still have your “Screen Name” or whatever you select, but I won’t be allowing the anonymous stuff anymore.

I hope I don’t have to push it further like some blogs to where you actually have to be logged on to make a comment.

Dave Nelson Band to Play at Akebono January 16th

For the third straight year, the Dave Nelson Band will be touring the Big Island.  They will be tearing up the Akebono on Friday the 16th.


They will also be at:

Royal Garden Luau Grounds. Outrigger Keauhou Beach Resort Keauhou, Hawaii on Saturday, January 17th and Pirate’s Cove – Ocean View, Hawaii on Sunday the 18th.

Maui the 23rd and 24th.

More on the Hawaii Tour here.


Police Looking For Ronsten Andrade


Click Picture for Police Report on Missing Teen

Click Picture for Police Report on Missing Teen

Big Island Police are looking for this punk  for various crimes throughout the Puna area.   He may be armed and dangerous.  Call 911 if you see him.

Attorney Charley Foster on Taking Close-up Pictures of Police

Kauai attorney Charley Foster had the following to say about the post earlier asking about “Close-up photos” of police officers:

I don’t have a definitive answer. I don’t find any law against it, but proving a negative and all…

Nationally, there are a couple of notable cases in the news. An intriguing piece in the Seattle Times from 2007 reports that –

An amateur photographer who was taken into custody last year after shooting pictures of two Seattle police officers making an arrest on a public street received an $8,000 settlement this week, the American Civil Liberties Union of Washington announced Thursday.

USA Today technology columnist Andrew Kantor in a piece about misinformation about photography rights recounted

…[T]he story of Neftaly Cruz, a senior at Penn State who on July 19 was not only harassed but taken into custody by Philadelphia police for obstructing an investigation. How did he do this? By taking pictures of the cops while standing on a public street.

Kantor concludes that-

Cruz’s actions were absolutely and undoubtedly legal, and not surprisingly he was released without being charged with anything.

Kantor has a pair of columns on the rights of photographers (here and here) in which he asserts that one is free to photograph just about anything or anyone that one can see out in public. According to Kantor, the test is whether the subject has a reasonable expectation of privacy. Thus, according to Kantor, using a long lens to capture someone purchasing medications in a pharmacy is probably a violation of their privacy, but photographing someone walking along the public street is absolutely protected.

If Kantor is correct and a reasonable expectation of privacy is the correct test as to who or what we can photograph in public, then I would imagine police officers carrying on their duties in public are fair game for photographers.

(The same applies to buildings, by the way. According to Kantor, aside from certain military installations, we are free to photograph any building we please and no one can legally stop us or take away or make us erase the images we have taken).

Another Pahoa Town Business Broken Into

A few days ago, I blogged about the town of Pahoa getting ripped off.

I just got word this morning that another Pahoa Town business was broken into.

Island Trust Properties, Pahoa Branch

Island Trust Properties, Pahoa Branch

The Pahoa Branch of Island Trust Properties was broken into apparently around 11:30 last night.

Damage to Wall

Damage to Wall

I received an email from the owner of Island Trust and I immediately went over to take pictures.

Inside of Door

Inside of Door

When I arrived at Island Trust this morning, a worker was already working on repairing the damage and getting the door fixed.


“…Apparently a ‘passerby’ contacted the police last night about 11:30 pm and they went out and made a report (but didn’t attempt to contact me or anyone else…)….instead, one of my agents discovered the smashed front door this morning and called me...”  The Owner of Island Trust said.

Damage to Door

Damage to Door

The front door may need to be replaced, but fortunately the nice stained glassed window on the door can be salvaged.

I went inside and talked to one of the agents.  It did not appear that anything was taken at first glance and there was no real sign of any ransacking or anything.

I noticed a slash in the screen on the window, but apparently that happened previously.

Rip in Screen Window

Rip in Screen Window

I’m glad that the business is relatively safe other then some cosmetic damages.

It’s pissing me off that Pahoa Town is getting hit up like this!

Today’s KO

It’s not really a KO… but USC player Rey Maualuga might be facing a few team penalites for this little gig at the Rose Bowl yesterday:


*Update* Any Big Island High School Bloggers?

I’m looking to add a blog to my ‘roll from a local high school student.

You kids are the future and I’ve ran into a few of you who are much smarter then me.

Any high schoolers reading my blog want to be added? or @damontucker (twit)


I’d like to thank the student from Kealakehe for sending me the link to his “Myspace Blog”.

I’m a firm believer that Myspace is a great tool for many things, however,  Myspace blogs are not the type of blogs I’m looking to put on my ‘Roll.

If you would like to start a blog other then a myspace page… please send me that link.

(But dude… I must admit… it was a pretty fancy myspace page)

Kenoi REVIVES Puna Makai Alternative Route (PMAR)

I had highlighted this in a post a few weeks ago.  I’m not sure how many people caught it.

Question: What ever happened to the new highway proposed to run through the fast-growing lower Puna area south of Hilo?

Answer: Community criticism and a vaguely worded regional traffic plan appeared to put the Puna Makai Alternate Route in limbo when the concept was approved in 2005.

But Big Island Mayor Billy Kenoi kept the concept alive last month with a request for $2 million for the project as part of a $487 million wish list for federal economic stimulus funds.

The Puna Makai road would serve an area expected to be home to 53,000 people by 2030. Only one highway now leads in and out of the area, and the uncertainty of the situation was shown in 2007 when lava flows temporarily appeared to be a possible threat to the highway…

More Here

Pahoa High & Intermediate School Targeted as Failing School for Overhaul

Schools Superintendent Pat Hamamoto is seeking the power to replace teachers, principals and staff at some campuses that have been failing the No Child Left Behind law despite extra support to help them raise student achievement over the years.

A legislative proposal would let Hamamoto intervene at schools struggling the most to stay on track of the federal mandate’s goal of having all students proficient in reading and math by 2014…

More Here

Here are the 28 Hawaii public schools that have been in restructuring for three years or longer for failing to meet goals of the federal No Child Left Behind law. The state Department of Education is proposing a measure that would allow Superintendent Pat Hamamoto to replace staffers at those schools – including teachers and principals – to raise student achievement.

Honolulu District

Central Middle

Dole Middle

Kalihi Kai

Central District

Wahiawa Elementary

Wahiawa Middle

Leeward District

Kamaile Elementary Public Charter School*

Maili Elementary

Nanaikapono Elementary

Nanakuli Elementary

Nanakuli High and Intermediate

Waianae Intermediate

Waipahu Elementary

Waipahu Intermediate

Windward District

Kahaluu Elementary

Parker Elementary

Hawaii District

Hilo Intermediate

Kalanianaole Elementary and Intermediate

Kau High and Pahala Elementary

Keeau Middle

Kealakehe Elementary

Kealakehe Intermediate

Laupahoehoe High and Elementary

Naalehu Elementary and Intermediate

Pahoa High and Intermediate

Maui County

Hana High and Elementary

Kaunakakai Elementary

Molokai High

Molokai Middle

Are “Close-Up” Photos of Police Wrong or Illegal?

This quote is from the new Big Island  Police Chief…

…When police arrived, the blogger took a “close-up photo” of Officer Jennifer Lee…”

So we are allowed to take pictures of Police Officers… Just not “Close-ups”?

I don’t understand.  My camera was on Zoom from taking a close up of another picture already.   I was at least 30-50 feet away from the officer when I took the picture of her getting out of her car?

Is using a zoom on your camera now considered “rude”?

Anyone that views the picture can tell it’s a “Close-up” however they can tell the picture is taken from at least 30-40 feet.

Things that make you say hmm?

What’s more scary?

A person taking stealth pictures inside the Post Office because they are mad at a long line… or a person who is taking quite obvious pictures of the outside of the building looking at ADA compliance?

Silly Sunday