Pot Calling the Kettle Black?

I hope this fades away soon… but once again I’m facing criticism for the pictures I took at the Post Office (see side).

I recently read this comment on the Big Island Chronicle:

…”Here is what the police chief says about the Christmas Eve incident involving the police officer and the blogger:

The postmaster called police about a “male acting suspiciously” taking pictures. The postmaster told police he had confronted the blogger, and the blogger did not give a reason for taking the pictures, just continued taking pictures after being confronted. When police arrived, the blogger took a “close-up photo” of Officer Jennifer Lee. Officer Lee asked the man why he took her picture and he said he planned to put her picture on the Internet. “She felt uncomfortable and asked for it to be erased.” Officer Lee asked the blogger why he was at the post office taking photographs and “he didn’t inform her initially why he was there.” When the officer asked the blogger for a photo ID, the blogger “gave her a business card.”  “She made contact with the postmaster.  He repeated the guy was acting suspiciously and they had asked him to leave,” the chief said…”

My comment to that:

…For clarification, the police officer asked for my name. I told her my name and gave her my old “old business card” from my old job simply because it had the spelling of my name. You have a copy of my old card and it relates to nothing dealing with my blog.

When the officer asked for Picture ID. I gave my license. No questions asked.

I’ve never reported to be a journalist… or even a citizen journalist. This has been something that has been put upon me by others.

I did tell the officer I was looking into ADA compliance. She asked if I was an investigator… I told her no. She asked if I was a reporter… I told her I report on my own blog…

I then read on about…

“…I strongly believe that if you’re going to walk around with a reporter’s notebook and a camera and engage the community in public dialogue about your findings, you must blog responsibly. This means taking ownership of your mistakes, and asking people’s permission to take and post their photographs...”

The two times she is talking about is the Pohoiki Bypass where members of my own extended Ohana actually gave up land for this bypass and another time when she saw me when I was going to go meet up at the tattoo shop to take pictures of the Pahoa Town getting ripped off… on the way to the tattoo shop,  I learned that Cash and Carry was also ripped off THAT morning.

It’s rather weird that she would make the comment about getting permission to take pictures of people… when before I even arrived at the Post Office that fateful day to drop off a package,  she had already taken pictures INSIDE the post office of unsuspecting people and posted them on her blog here.



Lets move on already… between the two of us… we can really help serve the much needed needs of this community.

You as a “Journalist”… me as a “Punk Blogger”.

I might just take you up on that offer to attend the Press Club thingy… Although I’m certain to walk in there with a “Scarlet Letter” on my forehead.

Hope we can move on so that Puna can get the much needed attention from the County and the State.

Peace Sistah

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  1. Chief Kubojiri won’t be at the BIPC dinner, as he was the guest speaker at our scholarship dinner last summer, but certainly you’d be welcome to attend. The dinners average around $30 per person; check with Rod Thompson to see whether an RSVP is needed.

    The BIPC is issue-neutral. That is, while professional members (defined as people who spend at least 20 hours a week in a newsgathering capacity) may try to beat each other at work, we present a united front on two things: Openness in government and support of journalism scholarships.

    Nobody at the dinner would mind your presence, except, ironically, perhaps the person who is inviting you.

    Our guest speaker at this dinner is Sandra Dawson, Hawaii EIS manager for the Thirty Meter Telescope.

    Peter S
    Director, Big Island Press Club

    Damon – Thanks for the invite. $30 bucks is a lot of Damon Dollars to scrounge up in the meantime. ;)

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