Big Island WeAkly Reader Question… “Can Bloggers Be Sued”

Journalist or a Blogger?  There are big differences that I wish people would understand.

If someone is going to blog and have it  published in a paper as a “NEWS” item, then that person would be considered more of a journalist and the paper could be accountable for the content of what is written.

Big Island Weekly recently posted the following:

…The next question comes to us from a Big Island reader: “I’m confused. Are bloggers reporters too? Do they have a code of ethics or standards or club? Can you sue a blogger for writing something untrue?”

This is a question that has been asked by numerours bloggers and professional journalists alike. The answer is there really isn’t a code of ethics for bloggers. Most blogs are not created by paid professionals and therefore aren’t under the same scrutiny as mass-produced publications such as Big Island Weekly…”

If you anyone would think something is worth suing me for… I sure hope someone would speak up.  I find it funny that my blog is getting as much scrutiny as a major paper.  I’m just a little blogger that has blogged for just a little bit of time in space. It is funny watching people get so worked up over someones PERSONAL blog.

My blog is not the “Big Island Blog, The Puna Blog, The East Hawaii Blog, or the (name community blog),…  It’s the “Damon Tucker’s Weblog”.

Sorry if you people reading my “online journal” that I allow people to comment about get so worked up over things.  If you don’t like the taste of something… do you eat it any ways?

I’ve had some people say my blog is not credible because I won’t write shit about my family members???  Screw those people… Would anyone write shit about their own family members?

Remember folks… This is my blog.  If you want your own, I can help you set one up… you know where to send the “Damon Dollar” ;)

(By the way BIW… you spelled numerous wrong)

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  1. “The King?” Take that back. …or else I might sue! heh.

    I no longer blog every day. Too much hassle. Over the past week I was a bit more productive since I took time off from work, that’s all.

  2. Uh, what makes you so sure that the BIW letter-writer is/was referring to your blog, Damon?

    Damon – I see where you might have thought I was inferring to my blog. I struck the “you” so that it wasn’t directed at “BIW”. I’m getting scrutinized in emails and in other comments that have been left… Particularly from former Tribune Herald Reporter Dave Smith…(nothing personal… we both know)

    And Doug… Aren’t you supposed to be blogging right now instead of scrutinizing a “blog”. Your the king of scrutinizing the government and media… but you make this comment on my blog. I’ll take that as a BIG COMPLIMENT! I’m being watched by “Poinography”…. Now I really have to be careful what I say. :oops:

  3. I think part of what people are looking for from bloggers, especially you, is some consistency and credibility. For example, above you say that most blogs don’t get the same scrutiny as mass-produced media publications (whatever THAT is), but two paragraphs later you say yours is. However, I think that’s wishful thinking on your part.

    And don’t criticize people for getting “worked up” over your posts when sometimes it seems you are trying to stir them up to get a response (and then you find it “funny”).

    The matter is just not as simple as your first line portrays it. For instance, bloggers are often labeled “citizen journalists” but few can even agree on how that is defined.

    The bottom line is, everyone who offers up things for mass distribution, be it via newstands or the Web, should be accountable for the content or be ready to face the ensuing scorn.

    If you don’t like the heat you could always turn off the comment function. Like THAT would happen.

  4. Most blog posts are known as “opinions” “reviews” and “point of view” of the blogger, not a news item like what you said.

    Hmmmm…. blog world have haters. You must be getting famous because people are giving a fuss over your blog.


    I am getting a lot of visits coming from your blog – thanks again for the mention and link :)

    Damon – Thanks… but I’m probably getting more “infamous” if anything.

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