Naeole vs. Edwards Hunt? Blogging or Losing Friends?

If you haven’t read the Big Island Chronicle today, you might find an interesting read.

I left a lengthy comment:


Just be glad you weren’t blogging during the election cycle!

For me its difficult because Naeole, Hanohano and Kenoi are related to me through my wife.

I wouldn’t even post Marzi’s Blog on my “Blogroll” in fear of family members thinking I supported him politically even though I just wanted to support his blog at the time. (I think Marz understood)

If I don’t catch a whack from one of them for writing about them… it’s my own wife that will whack me for even thinking of writing something about them.

I guess that’s why I pick and choose a bit more carefully about things that will directly effect friends and family.

I believe Friends and Family should come before your blog.

Everyone has something that could be written about them… it’s often said that it’s better not to say anything at all.

You will always have your blog… but it would suck to lose your friends or family over something you wrote about them.

Sucks for the re-traction… but must be done if the information was incorrect.

At least on your blog you can take back things like “The Officer said you were in her face”.


I’d hate to be in her shoes right now, as she does seem to be stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I hope she irons out her difficulties with Naeole’s staff.

There are plenty of things to write about here in Puna and while she states “…that I have no malice or ill-will toward Emily…” It sure hasn’t shown in the blogs that she has posted about her or her staff.

I know Tiff’s still finding her groove with her blog… and I know she is not a lady that is trying to intentionally piss people off.

If there is anyone out there to piss people off… leave that one to me.

Oh and Tiff… I wasn’t in the officers face no matter what you heard… at least you don’t have to re-write that somewhere. :mrgreen:

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  1. Thanks for the information that we can’t trust anything you post about Naeole, Hanohano and Kenoi.

    Damon – you must remember… that I only blog about the News… I’m not creating the news. I get to pick and choose what news I care to blog about. If you have followed my blog, I’ve mentioned all of these people in one fashion or another. ;)

  2. I am not real happy with your criticing of Tiff. One thing I really like is that she is not fearful to write about people of Puna, including Emily. I like that she is not related, by marriage and doesn’t have to tip toe around. Her writing style is as honest as it can be, given that she is fed incorrect information from people in positions of supossed professionalism?
    I am happy Tiff is not working for the County, and is doing what she loves doing!

  3. You say that Tiffany’s blog “sure hasn’t shown” an absence of malice or ill will toward Emily and her staff. I haven’t noticed anything glaring in that regard, so from that and your comments I guess you believe that just reporting on something negative means it’s automatically based on malice.

    From years of experience I can tell you that it’s not always easy to report on a matter objectively, but I believe that so far Tiffany’s managed that. It’s not her fault (any more) what Emily and her staff do, and she certainly has a right to blog about it. Can you cite examples of such demonstrated malice?

    Damon – I’m not saying it’s malice. A quick search of her blog shows the word “Naeole” used in at least 18 different posts in just one months time. I understand that her previous position with Naeole would subject the name to many of her posts, however, she is no longer working for her and much of her blog posts have been towards her old job position.

    I don’t need to list the posts here, but I feel it’s time for Tiff to move on to bigger and better things then to worry so much about what is being done now that she is no longer really in a position to do much about it.

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