Former UH Volleyball Player Victoria Prince Dating K-Fed (Brittany’s Ex)

Now I’ve heard it all.

Former UH Volleyball Player Victoria Prince is dating Kevin Federline (K-Fed).

Kevin Federline and Victoria Prince, From People Magazine

Kevin Federline and Victoria Prince, From People Magazine


For the last month, Kevin Federline, 30, has been publicly stepping out with a 6-ft.-tall blonde named Victoria Prince…

…Prince, 26, shares a birthday with Federline’s ex-wife Britney Spears, 27 (both were born on Dec. 2), and graduated with a bachelor of arts in speech from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 2006, where she played volleyball after transferring from the team at Washington State University…

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A Maui Blog

I’ve been looking for good blogs to supplement my ‘roll from other islands.

I finally found a good Maui blog:

“A Maui Blog”

“I do not have a journalism degree. English is my second language. If you are looking for an eloquent writer, you are in the wrong blog. But if you want to read the ramblings of a Kama’aina (and local kine mom) talking story online, you’re on the right blog…”

Liza has been blogging for awhile now and I look forward to having her on my ‘Roll”.

Maui No Ka Oi

What Does This Look Like to You? Subliminal County Message?

I was just checking out the “site map” to the Counties website.  I had to laugh when I looked at the background image of it.

It sure looks like a pot leaf in a way.  Especially on the Counties site when there are a bunch of them together to create a background image.

Subliminal County Message?

Subliminal County Message?

Hawaii to Get New P-8A Multi-Mission Maritime Aircrafts in 2012

The Department of the Navy announced today its decision to provide facilities and functions to base five fleet squadrons of the P-8A Multi-Mission Maritime Aircraft (MMA) with a fleet replacement squadron (FRS) at Naval Air Station (NAS) Jacksonville, Fla., four fleet squadrons at NAS Whidbey Island, Wash., and three fleet squadrons at Marine Corps Base Hawaii Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, with periodic squadron detachment operations at NAS North Island. This decision implements the preferred homebasing alternative 5 identified in the final environmental impact statement (FEIS) for the Introduction of the P-8A Multi-Mission Aircraft into the U.S. Navy Fleet (published November 2008). Introduction of the P-8A MMA squadrons is projected to begin no later than 2012 and be completed by 2019…


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Today’s KO

The Power of Prayer


Acculturation Training Offered for Migrant Workers

Media Release

Acculturation Training Offered for Migrant Neighbors

The County of Hawaii’s Immigration Information Office will conduct Acculturation Training to provide the tools and information needed to teach, work with, and live with our migrant neighbors (especially from the Micronesian, Marshallese and Palauan communities) by acculturating them and helping them adapt.

The training session will be held 9 a.m. to noon (8:30 a.m. registration) on Wednesday, January 27, at the Performing Arts Center, University of Hawaii at Hilo, 200 W. Kawili St. Free registration includes continental breakfast and workshop materials, two books in any of an assortment of available languages, and access to the panel. Registration is first-come, first served, and seating is limited.

To register contact Rose Bautista, Immigration Information Office, at 961-8220, or Lorraine Godoy of HCEOC at 961-2681 x416.

Stephen J. Arnett Named to Head Office of Housing

Media Release:

Stephen J. Arnett named to head Office of Housing

Kealakekua accountant Stephen J. Arnett was named by Mayor Billy Kenoi today to head Hawaii County’s Office of Housing and Community Development.

Arnett has maintained a Certified Public Accountant’s office in Kealakekua since 1985. He starts Monday as director of the county’s housing office.

Arnett, 64, earned a PhD in Business Economics from UCLA in 1976. The Indiana native also holds a Master of Arts degree in Business Administration and Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. He is a member of the American Institute of Public Accountants, Hawaii Society of Certified Accountants, and Hawaii Association of Public Accountants.

An active outdoorsman, he participates in a variety of sports such as tennis, volleyball, swimming, paddling, surfing, racquetball and golf. He also enjoys orchids.

The Office of Housing and Community Development is responsible for the planning, administration and operation of all of the County of Hawaii’s housing programs such as the Section 8 rental assistance for qualified families. Its overall goal is to develop viable communities in Hawaii County by providing decent housing, suitable living environments and expanding economic opportunities.

Still not posted on the Counties site for some reason? ;)

Naeole vs. Edwards Hunt? Blogging or Losing Friends?

If you haven’t read the Big Island Chronicle today, you might find an interesting read.

I left a lengthy comment:


Just be glad you weren’t blogging during the election cycle!

For me its difficult because Naeole, Hanohano and Kenoi are related to me through my wife.

I wouldn’t even post Marzi’s Blog on my “Blogroll” in fear of family members thinking I supported him politically even though I just wanted to support his blog at the time. (I think Marz understood)

If I don’t catch a whack from one of them for writing about them… it’s my own wife that will whack me for even thinking of writing something about them.

I guess that’s why I pick and choose a bit more carefully about things that will directly effect friends and family.

I believe Friends and Family should come before your blog.

Everyone has something that could be written about them… it’s often said that it’s better not to say anything at all.

You will always have your blog… but it would suck to lose your friends or family over something you wrote about them.

Sucks for the re-traction… but must be done if the information was incorrect.

At least on your blog you can take back things like “The Officer said you were in her face”.


I’d hate to be in her shoes right now, as she does seem to be stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I hope she irons out her difficulties with Naeole’s staff.

There are plenty of things to write about here in Puna and while she states “…that I have no malice or ill-will toward Emily…” It sure hasn’t shown in the blogs that she has posted about her or her staff.

I know Tiff’s still finding her groove with her blog… and I know she is not a lady that is trying to intentionally piss people off.

If there is anyone out there to piss people off… leave that one to me.

Oh and Tiff… I wasn’t in the officers face no matter what you heard… at least you don’t have to re-write that somewhere. :mrgreen:

Pahoa Educational Assistant Sentenced for Insurance Fraud

From the Hawaii Reporter:

…Beverly Medeiros, an Educational Assistant in Pahoa, Hawai‘i was investigated for five separate cases. Medeiros alleged that she was unable to work due to injuries from an auto accident. Medeiros created fictitious employers and utilized a post office box address to intercept all correspondence. Medeiros defrauded three different insurance companies. In January 2008, Medeiros was sentenced to 30 days in jail. Medeiros was also ordered to pay restitution totaling more than $103,000 along with court fees in the amount of $1380.00…

Hawaii County to Serve as Pilot Program for Vote-By-Mail System?

I heard about this earlier and forgot to mention it.  The Tribune ran the following today:

…A resolution asking the state to replace all voting machines in Hawaii County with a vote-by-mail system beginning in the 2010 election. The state of Oregon has conducted votes exclusively by mail for several years, and Councilwoman Brenda Ford wants Hawaii County to serve as a pilot program in 2010…

You can view the actual resolution here.

I myself think this would leave open the chance for to much fraudulent votes.

I’d love to see them figure out a way to do “Online” voting.

More on the Taiping

In October I blogged about a real JUNK that was about to make it’s way across the Pacific Ocean:

“When I started my blog, I was following the “Junk” craft made of plastic bottles. They successfully made the voyage.

A new “Junk” is about to make a voyage.  This time though, it’s a real one…”

The Starbulletin has more on this JUNK today that arrived last week.

A photo gallery can be found here.

Remembering Hero Randy California of “Spirit”… Who Died on This Day Saving His Son Off Molokai

Randy California

I’ll file this one under… “Something missed” as I had never heard about this until I just read it this morning.  A quick google search found some pretty interesting information about the dude.

Anyone who dies saving their son is a hero in my eyes.  Here is a short bio of Randy California.

Randy California of "Spirit" died on this day 11 years ago off Molokai

Randy California of "Spirit" died on this day 11 years ago off Molokai

Randy California (born Randy Craig Wolfe; February 20, 1951 – January 2, 1997) was a guitarist, singer and songwriter and one of the original members of the rock group Spirit, formed in 1967…

On January 2, 1997 he drowned in the ocean while rescuing his twelve-year-old son from a rip current near the home of Randy’s mother at Molokai, Hawaii. He managed to push his son Quinn (who survived) towards the shore but sadly could not save himself from the strong undercurrent that swept him away.