2008 Honorable Mentions

Bringing in the New Year with sushi

Mother-in-Law making sushi... A New Years Tradition here in Hawaii

Well it was fun going back and looking at the top 10 posts on my blog.

I figured I take another look back at some of the other posts that got a bit of attention as well as a few that may have been overlooked:

5.  Snake Reported in Puna… Pictures

No one wants to believe there are snakes in Hawaii.   A Puna resident recently reported seeing one and called in the DLNR to help catch it.   He sent me the pictures of the agents arriving and looking for the snake.

4. How to Improve the Olympics

I’m not sure if the keyword of Olympics made this one so popular or why it was, but it sure got a lot of page views.

3. Kimbo Knocked Out in 14 Seconds

CBS Television became the laughing stock of Mixed Martial Arts when their star fighter got knocked out in 14 seconds.  I grabbed the youtube video after it aired on the East Coast and it immediately became available, I didn’t think CBS would allow the video on youtube for very long, but the latest check showed that it was still there.

2. Golf Sensation Tad Fujikawas Father Busted for Meth Trafficking

This is more of a sad story of Tads father and unfortunately it really reflects poorly upon Tad.  I wish Tad the best of luck in the PGA.

1.  Project Better Place

Before Lingle even announced it, and before any newspapers had heard about Project Better Place, I blogged about it in early September:

A company official of Project Better Place actually responded when I asked the question:

One Response

  1. Re: Project Better Place, it remains to be seen whether they actually get going. They don’t plan on having operations in Hawaii until 2011. I heard their local rep give his pitch in September and was optimistic until he came to the point that they have no retail operations anywhere in the world, not even in Israel, their first market, and don’t plan on being in Hawaii until 2011. Nice sales pitch that Lingle bought hook, line, and sinkher.

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