Top 10 “DTW” Post of 2008 (pt. 4)

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#1. So the top read post of 2008 doesn’t really surprise me that much. It was an election year and there was a lot of stuff flying around about the Mayoral Candidates.

I posted the following blog the first week I started this blog:

Is a Billy Kenoi Smear On?

Hunter Bishop then posted another blog the next day that followed up on this story that found out that the alleged “Akonipule” was making this allegation from a school in Hilo.

Ten days later, the Hawaii Tribune posted an article:

Kenoi Smear on Front Page of Tribune Herald

I tried my best to figure out who this Akonipule character was by even sending him an email through the Akamai voter site. The following post was the result of that email:

John Akonipule Responds to Smear Question… My Dog Has Been Killed… and other Paranoia

Of course after Billy Kenoi won the election… there wasn’t much for the smear site to attack anymore. So I followed up with this article:

Smear Site No Longer Exists

Many people were very worried about Mr. Kenoi’s Storied past and whether he would make a good Mayor or not.

From the decisions that he has made so far… I think he’s doing a great job as Mayor.

Hope you folks have a great New Year and I hope you continue to follow my blog in 2009.

Damon Tucker

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