Top 10 “DTW” Posts of 2008 (pt. 2)

This is a continuation from here.

#7 I can only think that this got so many page views because Hunter Bishop threw a tip to my blog in one of his posts regarding Emily Naeole’s new legislative aides.

#6. Well this one was just posted recently and of course it’s the event at the Post office with the Police Department.   I’ve seen at least 5 other blogs on other peoples sites talking about this incident and pointing towards my blog, so I’m sure this is where some of the readers are coming from.

Pahoa Post Office Calls Police On Me For Taking Pictures… Worst Post Office in America

#5 The NASA demonstrations up on Mauna Kea got a lot of national attention, simply because many of the NASA workers on the mainland got wind of my blog and just wanted to see how the demonstrations were going from a layman’s point of view.

Media Day on Mauna Kea with NASA Developers and the Moon Rover

Stay tuned for more tomorrow.

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