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*UPDATE* SEE BOTTOM – Interesting Comment Made on Post Office Incident

I read a comment by blogger Tiffany Edwards on her post about the Post Office incident that I feel needs to be addressed further.

Tiff’s Comments:

Damon: I just learned the officer’s name is Jennifer Lee, and her version of the story is that you were right in her face taking a photograph.”….

Hate to break it to you Tiffany,  but that’s not true at all!

I was not in her face taking a photograph… I took  a photograph of her and another officer arriving at the scene at the same time.  My camera just happened to be pointed at her car.  As she got out of her car… I snapped the picture in question.  Both her and the other officer approached me as she began yelling at me about taking a picture of her.

I politely asked if she would like to see the picture… however, she demanded that I delete it.  I took the camera to her (I was about 4 feet away at the time) and I showed her the viewer and showed her that I was indeed deleting the picture as she requested.

At no time, was I ever in her face!  I might be stupid… but I’m not that dumb.

There were two officers there… a male officer and a female officer… what guy in their sane mind would even attempt to get in the face of a female officer with the male officer standing right next to her.

I’m sorry Ms. Edwards… You know I believe every thing you write and even like to tease you now and then.

Unfortunately, you have only been told the officers version to attempt to protect her own actions and this is not the reality or the truth of what happened.

Anyone want to help me with the retrieval software so that I can get this deleted picture off my card…  It is possible you know!  I just have to figure it out. :oops:


I just read a new comment by Ms. Edwards:

  • Tiffany Edwards Hunt Says:
    December 29th, 2008 at 8:09 pm

    Classic ) I was giving you grief, Damon.
    Clarification: I’ve not yet heard from Jennifer Lee… She told someone who told me. (I repeated HEARSAY! Oh my Gawd! And I speculated you were in her face with halitosis and all! Oh my Gawd!
    I’m trying to make some light of the situation…

  • damon Says:
    December 29th, 2008 at 8:35 pm

    Hearsay Is Bullshit Tiff!

    I didn’t appreciate it.

    If you want respect as a blogger… you might want to tell the facts and not hearsay!

One Response

  1. Regarding your “respect” comment, Tiffany may have been a little quick on the trigger but let’s not forget that you were pushing sleazy rumors about our current mayor not too long ago ….

    Damon – Pushing and “Reprinting” are two separate things Mr. Smith. Nice to meet you yesterday.

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