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Waikiki… Again?

When I lived on Oahu, I used to always cruise Waikiki just to get a good walk in.  I lived across the Ala Wai canal and I would typically cross the Ala Wai and then cruise Kalakaua all the way to the zoo and then walk back up Kuhio Blvd.  I wish I would have had a camera with me back then.  There is so much crazy stuff that happens pretty much nightly that never makes the news.

Now that there are more and more people with cell phone cameras, digital cameras, and the ability to upload their clips to the internet, more and more people are uploading clips caught on their tourist trips to Hawaii.

Here is a clip I just noticed this morning that happened last night.  I thought the cop was about to run over the guy!

This guy just stood on the middle of the road yelling nonsense while stopping traffic for a good 20min+ The cops finally came and he did nothing! What’s all the yelling for? I seriously thought he was gonna try and book it”


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