Top 10 “DTW” Posts of 2008 (pt. 1)

As we round down the year, everyone seems to have their top 10 lists.

While I’ve only been blogging for about 5 months now, there have been some blog postings that have definitely gotten more attention then others.

I should have started this a week ago, but I only thought of it this morning.

So I guess I’ll post 3 per day and then on January 1st I’ll release the most read thread.

#10: This post seemed to be more popular with the mainland crowd.

RIP DeWayne McKinney – The Wrongly Accused Convict Turned ATM Man of Hawaii.

#9 The death of Puna resident Gary Poretsky made national headlines and the family of Poretsky is still trying to get people to boycott Thailand.

#8:  This is more of a rumor that I heard a long time ago, and I brought it to the forefront since I had a blog.  The poll has really shown some amazing results about how people feel about the situation.

Did Ex-UH Football Coach Junes Jones Impregnate Lily?

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