Anyone Know About This Blog… If it Sounds Too Good to be True…

Just came across this blog:

The Big Island Reporter:

It sure is a “different type” of site, if I might say.

I’ve always believed if something sounds to good to be true… then it probably isn’t true.  I remember seeing the following craigslist ad… Gee something looks familiar:  “$10,000 Parntership with the Big Island Reporter” sounds good to me!


4 Responses

  1. No scam, it’s an investment offer.

    We have advertisers, readers & viewers.

    Some people who can, have offered to partner up.

    The rates are on The Big Island Reporter under Investment offer.

    The Big Island Reporter being a Video Centric web portal offers special rates to allow local small businesses to afford ads that run everyday for 2 year runs for only a 1 time payment of $250 – Our corporate rate remains the lowest in the Hawaii Media Market as the rate is only $500 for a 6 month run with a matching 6 month bonus free run. All rates include unlimited ad changes with no production charges and all ads link to the advertiser’s main web site or signup page for verifiable response.

    We WILL extend you the Kamaaina $150 rate if needed to make your budget bottom line. ( Corporate ads paying their rate allow us to give the $150 rate for local advertisers. )

    Take a look at the additional news feed from ABC News that was just ok”d today after you reviewed and now up and running.

    We hope to hear from you soon and offer you 3 spot ads like the one on the back cover of The Big Island Weekly, free of charge that will run as the lead ad on our “Tours and Activities Page” that link to your website as we did earlier for your Madi Gras ad. ( See a copy in our Power Point Page Navigator on slide 25 )

    Best regards,

    Mark Wood
    The Big Island Reporter
    State of Hawaii

    • I’ve never had a Madi Gras Ad!

      Like I said… it sounds like a scam if you ask me.

      Oh… and my media rates are better then yours and I’m not some dude trying to rip folks off.

      Pretty funny you got the Big Island Weekly to fall for this if you did.

  2. Trust your gut.

  3. All I know is what “cards” it’s playing. Those would seem to be a scheme to extract some dough from unsuspecting folks. Think, a slightly more sophisticated version of Damon Dollars!

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