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Anyone Know About This Blog… If it Sounds Too Good to be True…

Just came across this blog:

The Big Island Reporter:

It sure is a “different type” of site, if I might say.

I’ve always believed if something sounds to good to be true… then it probably isn’t true.  I remember seeing the following craigslist ad… Gee something looks familiar:  “$10,000 Parntership with the Big Island Reporter” sounds good to me!


Body Found Floating in Hilo Bay

A woman’s body was found floating in waters near Hilo Bay.

It was discovered late Sunday morning outside the break wall. Investigators are still trying to identify the victim.


Early Hawaii Surf Flicks Being Posted

I just noticed that someone is releasing a lot of clips from early surf flicks from movies that I’ve never heard of:

Duke Kahanamoku’s World of Surfing:


Blue Surf-Ari:


The Living Curl:


Blue Hawaii Cartoon


More of these videos of his can be found here.

Today’s KO

Back by popular demand… Well the truth of the matter, I’ve just been too sick to look for these of late.

Warning Graphic:


Snake Reported in Puna… Pictures

Puna resident Tom Lackey recently reported that he called in a snake to the DLNR.  I haven’t been able to find any police reports or other reports, but Tom Lackey doesn’t seem to be one to make up too many stories.

The following is an account he posted on Punaweb and below are some pictures that he sent me:

A very interesting situation happened to me the day after Xmas. One of my neighbor friends [yes, I do have neighbor friends] came thru my back yard to visit and Toast [my devoted dog] announced his visit. He informed me that he just saw a snake slither away from him. I asked, “are you sure?” He said, “hey Lack I lived in Florida for years and I recognize what a snake looks like, it was a brown snake.” He told me that it was coiled up and when he approached it the snake slithered off thru a loose rock wall behind my house. We did what I think any responsible citizen would do and called the police. They said, what ever you do don’t touch it, we’ll have someone out to take a look. Then the operator said that she informed DLNR and they will handle it. DLNR passed it off to the Ag people and we got two calls from them. This all happened within ten minutesMy neighbor and I though Wow, these people are really taking some decisive action here. The Ag guy wanted to babble with my neighbor on the phone and after quizzing him about his ability to recognizing a snake they derivably determined to come to my house and investigate. When these guys showed they were prepared for big game. One was wearing thick rubber boots and heavy leather gloves. Both had snake grabber sticks and an array of snake things to catch a snake. Also within their arsenal they had a video camera. This was too much fun for me so I went into the house and got my camera and documented it all. I informed the Ag guys that I had shot a couple of rats in the last few days and if they wanted when they located the snake I would be glad to dispatch it to a better life. They just laughed and said “stand by with that”

While the four of us were trying to locate the snake, them in snake gear and us in shorts and flip flops my neighbor asked,” if it was a poisonous snake and any of us got bit do they have any anti venom on the island?” There response was “not a drop” it has a short shelf life and they don’t get any snake bites in Hawaii. So I said, ‘so then why all the snake gear if we don’t get snake bites?”

The snake hunt went on for about a hour and the two Ag guys would confer with each other and at one point we heard them say, “ there is a lot of activity here,” when poking thru some dead leafs I asked if they had some snake traps that they could set out and they said, “we have some in Honolulu but none here.”

The snake was about 1 ½ feet long and about 1 ½ inch in diameter, brown in color. It very possibility could be a brown tree snake from areas like Guam and very dangerous. As the Ag guy said, “it most likely is a baby snake and not a big threat.” What I said? Baby snakes come from big mama snakes and we could have a bunch of them here. They laughed and left me their number and said to call if I spotted it again. The Hunt was over and the snake is at large behind my house. I don’t care how many people call the police if I see the snake I’m going to blow it’s head clean off

With the great food source here in Puna we may have a new invasive foe. The Brown Tree Snake.

The Lack





Waikiki… Again?

When I lived on Oahu, I used to always cruise Waikiki just to get a good walk in.  I lived across the Ala Wai canal and I would typically cross the Ala Wai and then cruise Kalakaua all the way to the zoo and then walk back up Kuhio Blvd.  I wish I would have had a camera with me back then.  There is so much crazy stuff that happens pretty much nightly that never makes the news.

Now that there are more and more people with cell phone cameras, digital cameras, and the ability to upload their clips to the internet, more and more people are uploading clips caught on their tourist trips to Hawaii.

Here is a clip I just noticed this morning that happened last night.  I thought the cop was about to run over the guy!

This guy just stood on the middle of the road yelling nonsense while stopping traffic for a good 20min+ The cops finally came and he did nothing! What’s all the yelling for? I seriously thought he was gonna try and book it”


Record Rainfall… A Pacific View Clears the Air

Yesterday I posted an update from the NOAA that mentioned that Hilo got a record amount of rain.

Of course my mom remembers when her house flooded about 10 years ago so she questioned my blog.

Tom over at “A Pacific View” has cleared some things up on the data.  If anyone knows about weather… it’s him.

Check out his latest post:

Record Rainfall? Yes and No to help clear the air on things.

Top 10 “DTW” Posts of 2008 (pt. 1)

As we round down the year, everyone seems to have their top 10 lists.

While I’ve only been blogging for about 5 months now, there have been some blog postings that have definitely gotten more attention then others.

I should have started this a week ago, but I only thought of it this morning.

So I guess I’ll post 3 per day and then on January 1st I’ll release the most read thread.

#10: This post seemed to be more popular with the mainland crowd.

RIP DeWayne McKinney – The Wrongly Accused Convict Turned ATM Man of Hawaii.

#9 The death of Puna resident Gary Poretsky made national headlines and the family of Poretsky is still trying to get people to boycott Thailand.

#8:  This is more of a rumor that I heard a long time ago, and I brought it to the forefront since I had a blog.  The poll has really shown some amazing results about how people feel about the situation.

Did Ex-UH Football Coach Junes Jones Impregnate Lily?

Sunday Silly


Hawaii County Storm Drainage Standards Over 38 Years Old and Based on Honolulu County Model

I was just looking at the counties website and something that stood out to me after these recent storms, is that the Storm Drainage Standards for Hawaii County are more then 38 years old!

How many times does Bayfront need to get flooded out before the “standards” get changed?

The document is dated October of 1970! I know we are on Hawaii time here folks, but come on now!

The thing that stands out the most is this:

…The Storm Drainage Standards of the City and County of Honolulu dated March 1969, has been used as the basis for these standards…

So not only are the standards outdated… they aren’t even based on the Island of Hawaii!