Whut Hapened to Copy Editurs… Mayor Keno?

I’ve ben notacing moore and moore typo’s in newspapers of late.

I’m hardly one to really talk… as I can’t tell the difference between their and there halve/half the thyme.

I don’t consider my blog anything more then a place to rant and rave and provide some information for others.

I’m always ranting on Newspapers… It’s probably because I was never a decent enough writer to get hired by one ;) Well… I haven’t ever really applied for one… but I know that my typing and grammar sucks.

There isn’t much excuse for a major newspaper to miss the spelling of our own newspaper Mayor. I can understand that the news copy already went out, but there online content they could at least update.

Here’s today’s example:

…Takaba recognized that Keno ordered a hiring freeze and creating a new position would be contrary…

Just because KENO is a word and it doesn’t get corrected by spell check… you would think they could at least get our own Mayors name correct.

What happened to Copy Editors?

Dear Santa

Thank you for not yelling at me because i was naughty on Christmas eve.

Oh also, thank you for the money the insurance wouldn’t cover for my dental work. I know the elves are short a few pairs of glasses and Ms. Claus New computer might wait a few more weeks… but I sure do appreciate my teeth.

My wife was very pleased with her “Dremmel” accessories and my son won’t put the Vtech Camera down… And I didn’t know I could turn the flash off until he nearly blinded me half the day.

Most importantly, thank you for keeping healthy this Christmas!

Oh yeah… The Beef Jerky… next year can you sneak it to me away from my wife so I don’t have to share it!

The Reason Santa Didn’t Make It To Your House