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Executive Assistant Craig Kawaguchi to Attend Washington DC Mayoral Conference With Kenoi… Kenoi Seeking Tickets for Obama Inauguration

Today’s Hawaii Tribune Herald reported that Mayor Billy Kenoi would be attending the U.S. Conference of Mayors in Washington on Jan. 17-19.  I think it’s good that our Mayor represents the Big Island in a conference like this.

“…Hunter Bishop, the mayor’s public relations specialist, said Kenoi plans to attend the U.S. Conference of Mayors in Washington on Jan. 17-19.

Takaba, however, said it is uncertain whether Kenoi will be able to attend the inauguration of Obama, the first Hawaii-born person elected president, because he lacks tickets.

The estimated cost of Kenoi’s trip — including airfare, hotel and meals — is $2,650, Takaba said, and will be paid for with taxpayer dollars. Kenoi also plans to bring an executive assistant on the trip, so the total cost will be about $5,300, Takaba said…”

I found it curious that the newspaper did not report who the executive assistant was that might be going on the trip.  I had a sneaky suspicion that it might have been Mr. Bishop himself, since he was quoted in the paper.

I emailed Mr. Bishop and asked who the assistant was that would be going and what their responsibilities would be.

Mr. Bishops reply:

Craig (Kawaguchi) is an Executive Assistant to the Mayor assigned to projects included in the economic stimulus package. He will assist the Mayor in Washington , D.C. , in getting Hawaii County its fair share of the federal economic stimulus package through working with the U.S. Conference of Mayors.”

I think that it is money well spent by our county to have Mayor Kenoi as well as Mr. Kawaguchi attending this conference.

I listed the counties wish list on the left hand side in the “Say Community” section of my blog.

We are asking for a lot from Obama, so spending a little to get a lot is a good investment in my mind.

County Response to Supreme Court Ruling on Hokulia Bypass

Attorneys for the County of Hawaii are very pleased with Wednesday’s 85-page state Supreme Court ruling on condemnation actions regarding the Hokulia bypass in West Hawaii.

The Supreme Court ruling Wednesday held that the County’s successful second condemnation of property was legal and not barred by the doctrine called “abatement.”  Had the Supreme Court ruled otherwise, there would have been significant delays in the opening of the Hokuli’a bypass.

The case has been returned by the Supreme Court to the Circuit Court in Kona for Third Circuit Court Judge Ronald Ibarra to make additional findings on two other issues.  Judge Ibarra had previously ruled there was a legitimate public purpose in the County’s condemnation of this property.  One of the findings Judge Ibarra must now make is whether the County’s condemnation was a pretext to conferring a private benefit on Oceanside, the developer of the project, as alleged by the landowners.  After Judge Ibarra makes these findings, another judgment will be issued.  If this judgment is entered in favor of the County, the condemnation will stand and the project will continue to move forward as planned.

Attorneys for the County of Hawaii are currently reviewing Wednesday’s 85-page state Supreme Court ruling on condemnation actions regarding the Hokulia bypass in West Hawaii.

The Supreme Court ruling Wednesday said the case should be returned to Third Circuit Court Judge Ronald Ibarra to consider the landowners’ defense that the land sought by the County through condemnation was for a purpose other than the public interest.

“The decision of the Court does not appear to be fatal as to the bypass road but will require some additional factual findings of the Court before another judgment is filed,” said deputy Corporation Counsel Michael Udovic Wednesday afternoon. “Needless to say we are carefully reading the opinion to distill salient issues.”

Deputy Corporation Counsel Joseph Kamelamela, lead counsel for the County in this case, is off island and has been notified. He will return on Monday.

“There may be additional proceedings, at this time it is too early to tell,” Udovic said. “We will be reviewing the opinion carefully in the next few days.”

Corporation Counsel Lincoln Ashida said only one of the three decisions by the Supreme Court Wednesday was a final decision on whether the first condemnation action in the case abated the second, and that was issued in favor of the County. On the other two, the Supreme Court simply remanded the case back to Judge Ibarra, Ashida said.

“If Judge Ibarra supplements the record with appropriate findings and the Supreme Court believes they are adequate, (and) assuming Judge Ibarra enters findings and orders consistent with what he did earlier, all three issues may be resolved in favor of the County,” Ashida said. “In sum, it is too early to tell.”

Ashida said the major story is that the County prevailed on the abatement issue. “Had we not won the abatement issue, the project would have been halted.”

“So long as Judge Ibarra enters findings consistent with what he did previously, and the Coupes’ attorneys are not able to prove to Judge Ibarra’s satisfaction that the public purpose established by the County was a pretext to give Oceanside a private benefit, the Coupes will not prevail,” Ashida said.

Pahoa Post Office Calls Police On Me For Taking Pictures… Worst Post Office in America

I went to the Pahoa post office this morning and I got a bit more then I bargained for.

pahoaetc-047I have heard much about the ADA compliancy issues of the Post Office and I wanted to take some pictures of the building.  I was taking some pictures such as this one of the ramp.

Handicap Ramp

Handicap Ramp

And these ones of the handicap parking stall.

Handicap Stall w/ Garbage Pile

Handicap Stall w/ Garbage Pile

Different Angle of Handicap Stall

Different Angle of Handicap Stall

You just have to love the One Way sign that is covered in dirt and bent up.

Which Way?

Which Way?

The entrance of the Post Office often get’s backed up onto the main street of Pahoa making cars stop on the main street, because of the poor location of the mailbox drop box.

Poor Location of Mailbox Drop Box

Poor Location of Mailbox Drop Box

The parking lot is so small, that often times people have to wait in their cars for a stall to open up.

Waiting for a stall as more cars back up behind me

Waiting for a stall as more cars back up behind me

The postal employees themselves have to park on the grass above the parking area because the lot is so small.

Employee Parking

Employee Parking

The driveway in/out is sloped at such an angle that many cars scrape on the pavement just trying to get in and out of the place.

Steep Entrance

Steep Entrance

I was on my way out to my car, when this guy comes running up to me…

“Brah… what you doing?” He says

“Taking Pictures of the Post Office” I say

“Brah… This one Federal Building… that’s against the Law… Stick around… I’m calling the cops!”

The guy goes in and calls the cops on me.  I’m thinking how friggin ridiculous…but ok… let’s see what the cops say.

So I stick around and as the cops arriving, I take a picture of them arriving.

Lady cop: “What you taking a picture of me for… that’s harassment you know?”

I’m like what?  Since when is taking a picture of a Police officer or a building considered Harassment…

Officer… I’ve asked you not to take my picture and you took it….

I’m like… I took the picture before you even got out of your car and said a word…


So I show the lady officer (J. Lee) the picture that I took of her and then showed her that I deleted it… Just to appease her.

I then ask if she would like to see any of the pictures of the Post Office… she refuses.

Then she asks Postal Guy if they want to press Trespassing charges against me… Post Office guy says no… that’s ok… just don’t ever take pictures here again.

So my question to anyone and everyone… Is there anything illegal about taking pictures of a Post Office?

Who was Harassed?  The Post Office… or Me?

Since when did taking pictures of outside of buildings and/or police officers become “harassment?”

Sheesh… to think I was only there to drop off a package… Is it my fault I always carry my camera?

Heck… Tiffany… You better erase those pictures you took inside of the Post Office for gods sake before the Goonsquad comes after you!

Just kidding.

I can’t believe this Post Office.  Maybe it is time to file a federal ADA Suit against them!

Inside Pahoa Home Video

My wife and I  got gift certificates for a few members of the family for presents from Pahoa Home Video.  I’m lazy and anything I tend to give out, tends to be junk… so I find gift certificates the easiest and most practical thing for me.

It was the first time I had been in the store in quite some time.

pahoaetc-042It’s nice that Pahoa town still has small conveniences like Pahoa Home Video.   As more and more people are using online services like Netflix and Blockbusters online, I wonder how long video rental stores will be around.

I noticed that they had a small little Internet rental set up.  Very unsophisticated, yet practical enough for those that don’t have internet at home, can check things out online while getting a flick at the same time.


Just Smack Me Right in My Mouth Please

I swear to god my mouth would feel so much better right now if someone were to just punch me in my mouth and knock out all my teeth.

I’m in serious pain now folks! I woke up several times during the night cause my mouth hurt so much.

My periodontist doesn’t come in until 8:00 in the morning.

Anyone out there reading my blog that can call in a pain pill to Pahoa pharmacy for me???

Oh the pain… If you didn’t see this video the other day… you can do so now: