Toy & Trinket Store Closing… Native Hawaiian Health Care Center Relocating?

Pahoa Market Place (I call it Malama Market Shopping Center for some reason) has been a blessing for many folks in Puna who do not wish to drive all the way in to town.


Many of us in Puna have turned to Trish’s Toys & Trinkets in the Market Place for those last second childrens gifts that we don’t want to drive all the way in to town for.

Sunday will be the final day for Trish’s business that has been at the corner of the Malama Market Shopping Center.

Front Entrance to Trish's Toy's & Trinkets

Front Entrance to Trish's Toy's & Trinkets

Most of the items inside the store are 20% off and more, although the shelves are a bit bare now, as there is no need for more inventory.


They still had a decent stock of Christmas goodies to be found… so if your looking for a last minute stocking stuffer, there are still some to be found.

Trisha in Background

Trish in Background

I had read other places that Trish has been trying to sell her store for quite some time now.  However, with the economy the way it is right now… No ones is looking for any risky investments at this time.

I asked Trish if she knew what would become of the space after the store closed, and she said with a disappointed look on her face that it would become office space and that the Native Hawaiian Health Care System would take over the space.

Small Office Next to the New L&L Restaraunt

Small Office Next to the New L&L Restaraunt

I went over to Hui Malama Ola Na Oiwi squeezed in between Sirius Coffee and L&L restaraunt and asked if they were moving over to the Malama Market Shopping center… And they said that they are ONLY IN NEGOTIATIONS still and that nothing has been finalized.

If Trish or Don read my blog, I wish you the best in your move back to the mainland.

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