County Memo on Disabled Parking Stalls (Revised)

Be aware of the law about disabled parking stalls

Motorists are advised that it is illegal to occupy a parking stall for disabled persons unless the vehicle has a valid, visible disabled parking placard.

Motorists are also advised that the disabled person who is assigned the placard must be an occupant of the vehicle. If the disabled person is not in the vehicle when parked, the placard does not allow the vehicle to be parked in a parking stall for disabled persons.

Violations of the disabled parking law may face a fine of between $250 and $500 per offense (HRS 291-57).

It is important that everyone observe all traffic regulations so that all drivers may avail themselves of opportunities available to them under the law.

Anyone seeing someone parking in a stall for the disabled without a valid placard should call the Police Department’s central dispatch number, 935-3311, so that an officer may be dispatched and the vehicle cited.

The County of Hawaii wishes to thank all residents and motorists for their cooperation in abiding by the law for the benefit of disabled persons.

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