Christmas Break

Well this is kind of like my first official Christmas break with my son. The last few years I was on Oahu and only got to be home for the actual few days around Christmas day. So this Christmas it’s a bit special to be home with my son for the entire Holiday Season.

I used to love my winter breaks away from school when I was a young kid. My son has a slight cold now so I’m not really gonna take him out and go running around or anything.

It’s so nice to just snuggle with him in bed in the morning and not worry about rushing off to pre-school in the morning. Then we get the entire day to ourselves without “Mom” bugging us to keep our downstairs play area clean and what not.

"Dad... I need to see your eyes... Look, I can Bowwance on my head!"

"Dad... I need to see your eyes... Look, I can Bowwance on my head!"

So if I slow down a bit on the blogging… It’s probably because I’m making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, building a train or just having fun with my son.

I have to be the luckiest guy in the world to have such a good son!

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  1. Mele Kalikimaka Damon and your whole ohana. Enjoy those sweet moments with your son…they are over soooo quickly. Mine are 27 and 24 (one lives in New York) and I miss them both this time of year.

    Hey, it’s warmed up here, too…only 4 degrees right now…up from minus 2!

    Mele and Hauoli…a hui hou

  2. Your son is a doll! Melekalikimaka, Damon!

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