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  1. Awsome Blog Damon
    Great News and Info., Especially to anyone new to the area.

    Mahalo for posting the pictures of the Pahoa Museum.

    We had Aunty Minnie playing the Ukulele and singing some great Hawaiian songs outside the Museum, Thursday evening before she headed to the Pahoa Cafe next door for the open mike session. Great Stuff.

    The Damon Dollar is such a great idea. I for one could not resist. Expect one in the mail with Holiday Greetings to All from the Pahoa Musem shortly.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

    Damon – Thank you for allowing me to come in and take pictures before the museum has opened… and thanks for the support of the blog. I might have to hang that dollar on my wall after I post it on my blog…(and never spend it)!
    P.S. Auntie Minnie is a Blood Relative of my wife.

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