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Pick Your Battles

One of the things I was brought up believing is to “Pick your battles” when arguing with your friends and loved ones.

If you truly love/like someone, you will always do so no matter what you guys end up saying to each other.

Many relationships work on that whole “yin/yang” opposites attract mentality.

Many husbands and wives have their bathroom battles and things that piss them off.  For the most part… it’s us men that are typically the pigs about the house.

I’ve always been pretty good about “Female Bathroom” Etiquette for the most part.

Some wives bitch about the toilet seat being up or down.  Others bitch about shaving cream being left in the sink.  Some rant and rave over water being on the floors after showers are taken.  While some wife’s lose it over the way a toilet paper roll is put on the spool.

Well I found the one that seems to piss my wife off the most.  She can’t stand the fact that if I run out of the toilet paper on the spool that sometimes I don’t put a new roll back on the spool, I just open a new roll and leave it on top of the spool.

Mind you that we are talking about the “downstairs” bathroom that only me and my son use on a regular occasion.  I’d like to think I was the King of that throne if you will.

So just now… I’m watching a movie with my son… and I hear my wife go to the outside bathroom.

I hear the biggest cuss out session through the walls of the bathroom like I’ve never heard before…”Why the Phuck can’t SOMEONE PUT A DAMN TP ROLL ON THE SPOOL… ” going on about it for the next 30 seconds while she’s doing her business.

She finally comes out… looks at me and my son… and screams…

“Why can’t you at least put the TP on the spool when your done?”

I respond “Because knowing you… I’ll put it on the wrong way and you will scream about that”  :roll:

Pick your Battles

One Response

  1. There are reasons why women bitch about toilets.

    1. Men dribble
    2. If men don’t put the seat down, in a rush, women end up sitting down IN the bowl.
    3 If the man HASN”T lifted the seat, women end up sitting on the dribble.
    4. Women take longer to get their bottoms off… (that’s why their line is longer in public places, not to mention there always seem to be fewer “heads”.)
    5. Toilet paper on the counter, may be too far to reach. Then they have to waddle and drip to get it.
    6. No toilet paper means women have to yell for help, or drip dry.
    6. Men should be intellegent enough to figure out how women put the toilet paper roll. Women have to use it more.
    7. And then there is the issue of not flushing poop…

    Damon – You got to love it when your own mom sides with your wife most of the time! Wait a minute… I got my bathroom habits from you!

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