Hotel Mauna Kea (Parody)

I  found this little clip this morning so I thought I’d post it for  for my friends on top of the mountain!

Gets  “real good” at the 1:22 mark:


“Experience the plight of astronomers at the 14,000-foot summit of Mauna Kea! Veteran observers John A., Juan D., Kelly F., Ted K., and Tim Livengood took the HIPWAC spectrometer to the IRTF observatory on the Big Island of Hawaii and were inspired to write the lyrics to “Hotel Mauna Kea”. Here, Juan, Kelly and Ted perform the song and all co-investigators star in this above-the-clouds music video. “Hotel Mauna Kea” is a parody of The Eagles’ “Hotel California” by Felder, Henley, and Frey.”

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