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Cataclysm Performs at UH Hilo… The Video

I used to be into dancing when I was younger… but these kids now a days do stuff that I wouldn’t have even imagined 20 years ago!

A local boy, Norman from Keaukaha, has been posting videos of local kids dancing around the island.

Dancing, for many kids, is an excellent outlet for them to get their aggression out in a non-violent way.

Here is CATACLYSM Performing at UH Hilo:


Where’s The Beef? Wendy’s Closing Shocks Oahu Store

I love Wendy’s.

I’m saddened to learn that one of their locations is closing on Oahu.

I hope this doesn’t mean that more of the Hawaii locations close… Especially the ONLY ONE we have on the Big Island!

…Workers at the Wahiawa Wendy’s were shocked by the fast-food restaurant’s abrupt closing on Saturday.

They say some of them were told to sign a contract, promising they wouldn’t sue. Some employees we spoke to had worked there for nearly 14 years. They say the layoffs couldn’t have come at a worse time…

More Here

“Let’s Go Banners”… Kona Showroom Now Open

I always try and support local companies that are competing and doing business here in the islands.

Let’s Go Banners is a great local company that produces just about anything you could want for a business.  Banners, Signs, Logos you name it.

They just recently opened their Kona Showroom, however, they ship all over the U.S.  Some of the craftsmanship that goes on behind the work of this business can be seen here.

Any business that will actually list there favorite music videos on their website is a winner in my mind!

Let’s Go Banners specializes in producing high quality banners, signs, and practically anything displaying your logo! We serve the U.S. via our network of distributors, and our corporate office is located on the Big Island of Hawaii. We also have a printing facility in Anderson, Indiana, as well as hundreds of suppliers all over the U.S. We will be opening our first showroom in Kona, Hawaii in August, 2008.

And no folks… I’m not a distributor. :lol:


The other day I asked if people twittered.  Someone actually emailed me and let me know that they did.

I’ve been “following” a couple people on twitter the last few days and have decided I’d give it a try… even though the character limitations are going to frustrate me.

I’ve sent a few invites to some of the people in my address book… but if I missed anyone or if anyone wants to be a twit with me:



To sign up for a twitter account click here.

I Don’t Send Hallmark Cards Through Email… Hallmark Virus Hoax

I noticed my spam email account has been getting flooded with the latest version of the Hallmark Virus.

Remember folks… it’s a Virus and can and probably will infect your computer!


And FWIW… I quit sending internet cards in general because of things such as this.

I don’t open them either… so if you want to send me a card… make sure it includes a “Damon Dollar“.

Beast of the East Next Weekend – Volcano


I dropped by the Pahoa Skateshop this afternoon to check things out and see what that incense smell was coming from.


Entering the store and it had an interesting Rastafari Vibe to it.


Having  skated when I was younger, I dug the interior and appreciated the sign on the wall.


Asked the counter keeper Sara DiLallo and her son Elijah “Wasssup?”.


They mentioned that there was a skate contest next weekend at Volcano Skate Park, Saturday December 27, sign ups begin at 10:00 am.

The kids in the shop were fine tuning there skateboards and getting the latest scoops on things.

Tyson Lively 8, Shandon Cuba 10, Triston Kimball 11, Alex Bond 12 and Jesse Rodrigues Aste 11

Tyson Lively 8, Shandon Cuba 10, Triston Kimball 11, Alex Bond 12 and Jesse Rodrigues Aste 11

Sarah’s husband and owner of Pahoa Skate Shop, Mark, said that the reason why skate contests aren’t being done at the Pahoa Skate Park is because construction is not complete.  Once construction is completed, they are looking forward to having contests there.


I didn’t get the chance to ask about the completion date, however, skateboard park legend “Carter” was hoping that it would be sooner then later.


Next weeks contest includes a Skateboard Contest, BBQ Feast, Best Trick Contest, Afterparty and Video Premiere.

It is great that kids of all ages are using this skate park.


And it’s also great to see the young wahine out there shredding these days too, which you didn’t ever see during the days when I skated.

12 year old wahine Taylor Ma'inaa'upo rides with the best of them

12 year old wahine Taylor Ma'inaa'upo rides with the best of them

Sponsors of next weeks contest at Volcano Skate Park include:

Oasis Skate Boards, Volcano Skatepark Organization, Pahoa Skate Shop, KRU, Freeride Union, 808 Empire, Dynamic, Poetree, Lomsbread, Pacific Skates, Orca Skateboards, Hart Mind Soul, XXXVII Aparell, Lowcard, BDK Skate, LOST, Basic Image, Green Bottle Productions, Total Deniability, Bamboo SK8, Sponge and Son, Lightsleepers, JADD, The Cutlery, Savage Beast, Big Island Surf, Hubba, Lucky City Venture.

Miss Hilo Pageant… Winner “Crowned”?

The things google reader will find:

The Hilo Restorative Care Center recently held The Miss Hilo pageant. Now I’m not exactly sure what a Restorative Center is, but if it has anything to do with plastic surgery and this is the best three results, I think I would come across the pond to LA to get my botox done. I mean its OK for a pageant to go get a plastic surgeon as a sponsor, but you think the director would have picked a good one….


Anywho, Hideko Matayama, 101, at left, Kayone Mayshita, 106, and Makakee Honda, 101, (no relation to the car) were the lovely young women crowned at the event. And FYI to the outside observer, it looks like the director may have pocketed some of the coin on the crowns too.

The Center said that it was honoring three of its “timeless beauties” on the occasion of resident Kayone Mayshita’s 106th birthday. Hmm sounds like the pageant was rigged. Ladies, If you win a pageant on your birthday, you should be happy, but chances are your tap routine really sucked and the director just wanted you as her representative for the year.

1st Runner up was a tie and seeing how Mayshita is a ripe ‘ol 106, the chance of her not being able to fulfill her year of service seems kinda high, so these two other ladies should try and stay awake for the next 365 in case they are needed to step in.

“It was a festive celebration with the residents, families and associates and featuring the Keola Pono No Na Kupuna Entertainers,” said Shelley Yasuhara, director of activities.

Mayshita was born Nov. 10, 1902. Hideko Matayama and Makakee Honda, both 101, were also honored even though Makakee did fall asleep a couple times during the event.

Pick Your Battles

One of the things I was brought up believing is to “Pick your battles” when arguing with your friends and loved ones.

If you truly love/like someone, you will always do so no matter what you guys end up saying to each other.

Many relationships work on that whole “yin/yang” opposites attract mentality.

Many husbands and wives have their bathroom battles and things that piss them off.  For the most part… it’s us men that are typically the pigs about the house.

I’ve always been pretty good about “Female Bathroom” Etiquette for the most part.

Some wives bitch about the toilet seat being up or down.  Others bitch about shaving cream being left in the sink.  Some rant and rave over water being on the floors after showers are taken.  While some wife’s lose it over the way a toilet paper roll is put on the spool.

Well I found the one that seems to piss my wife off the most.  She can’t stand the fact that if I run out of the toilet paper on the spool that sometimes I don’t put a new roll back on the spool, I just open a new roll and leave it on top of the spool.

Mind you that we are talking about the “downstairs” bathroom that only me and my son use on a regular occasion.  I’d like to think I was the King of that throne if you will.

So just now… I’m watching a movie with my son… and I hear my wife go to the outside bathroom.

I hear the biggest cuss out session through the walls of the bathroom like I’ve never heard before…”Why the Phuck can’t SOMEONE PUT A DAMN TP ROLL ON THE SPOOL… ” going on about it for the next 30 seconds while she’s doing her business.

She finally comes out… looks at me and my son… and screams…

“Why can’t you at least put the TP on the spool when your done?”

I respond “Because knowing you… I’ll put it on the wrong way and you will scream about that”  :roll:

Pick your Battles

Hotel Mauna Kea (Parody)

I  found this little clip this morning so I thought I’d post it for  for my friends on top of the mountain!

Gets  “real good” at the 1:22 mark:


“Experience the plight of astronomers at the 14,000-foot summit of Mauna Kea! Veteran observers John A., Juan D., Kelly F., Ted K., and Tim Livengood took the HIPWAC spectrometer to the IRTF observatory on the Big Island of Hawaii and were inspired to write the lyrics to “Hotel Mauna Kea”. Here, Juan, Kelly and Ted perform the song and all co-investigators star in this above-the-clouds music video. “Hotel Mauna Kea” is a parody of The Eagles’ “Hotel California” by Felder, Henley, and Frey.”

SB Follows up on Honeyeaters

A while back I mentioned the new findings on the Hawaiian Honeyeater birds.

The Starbulletin has more on them here today.

Sunday Silly