The Email UH Hilo Students Received After Detonations on Campus

Hat tip to Canspice:

Two more “small” explosions occurred early this morning (1 AM) on UH-Hilo’s Main Campus. One was in the dorm area, and another by Life Sciences/PB13-14 area. There were no injuries and no property damage.

A third un-exploded devise was found by Life Sciences/PB13-14. This has been closed off by Hawaii County Police, and NO ONE is allowed to enter this area. Explosive experts have been contacted and expect to be on campus around 8:30 this morning to remove this devise. Once the “All Clear” is given, this area will again be accessible, and the barriades will be taken down.


These devises are dangerous when they explode, and make a loud “bang”. If you see any “suspicious” bottles, DO NOT DISTURB IT, AND CALL CAMPUS SECURITY IMMEDIATELY AT 974-7911. If you have any seen anything or anyone or have any information regarding these devises, please call Campus Security.

Thank you and stay safe.

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  1. Pretty disturbing that a communique from a university continuously misspells the word ‘device’ throughout.

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