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“Puna News” Investigating Rumor of Alleged Shutdown

I just picked up a copy of the Vol. 8, No. 6 issue of the “Puna News” and at the bottom of the front page it gives an apology for being late in getting out to the community this month.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that the HawaiiFreePress was no longer going to be running a print issue.  I hope no one reading my blog  mistook that posting for the “Puna News”.

From the Puna News in regards to why they were late to the stands this month (sorry no website available):

…However, what happened was not caused by shipping delays, late submissions, broken presses or any of the other things which sometimes plague a small paper.  Rather it was caused by the intentional mischievous or malicious act of another who advised our printer that the Puna News had gone out of business and would no longer be publishing.  Of course this required the resetting of print schedules as press time is always tentative, precious, and costly and when the paper reaches the printer, totally unexpectedly, we had to fit into an already full schedule.

This was done by someone, for whatever reason, is unconscionable and/or extremely poor business practice, and is being investigated

That seems a bit strange… I hope they follow up with this and let us know who, why and the eventual outcome of their investigation.

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