Emily’s Office… or OUR Office? A Visit to the Pahoa County Office – Pictures

I got a chance to finally look for our Council District 5 office that the Puna district recently got funding for. I heard it was in the Malama Shopping center, but I wasn’t exactly sure where.

Approaching the shopping center I found this cute little “Burial Marker” at the front of Malama Shopping center:


Nice that it’s called “Emily’s Office” and Not the County District 5 Office

I pull into the Subway there and go around to the back of the shopping center and tucked in the back I found her office behind the garbage dumpsters (coincidence?):


Of course it was a weekend so I didn’t expect it to be open, however, I was hoping to see some sort of office hours, phone number, or just something in general that would let me know when someone would be in the office.


The relief to know that it is Pahoa’s Office and Not Emily’s

I appreciate all the hard work that went into getting this office for our district.

I just wonder how busy they are inside the office if they are having to make signs like the one above in order to get people in the door.

idea I might just stop in sometime this week to see what goes on during the week in a “County Office”.

Now that I know where it is. :roll:

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