More From Inside Pahoa’s New Museum

A couple weeks ago I posted some pictures and a small snippet about Pahoa’s new community museum that is going to open in February.

I went by today and was able to get some more pictures:


No the following picture is not upside down.  This is a large map of the Big Island that has been hung upside down on the ceiling.   I asked the person (Sandre) that was inside about the map, but he didn’t have that much information.  He did mention that the map maker was someone who designs the larger maps in the world…(or something to that effect):

Notice Ceiling Fan on Left for an Idea of the Scale of the Map

Notice Ceiling Fan on Left for an Idea of the Scale of the Size of the Map

Of course what museum wouldn’t be complete without it’s share of Hollywood memorabilia and other collectibles from the ages:

Other collectibles from the Olden Days of Pahoa

Other Collectibles from the Olden Days of Pahoa

They are still shooting for a February grand opening.

More pictures on my previous blog here.

I don’t want to give away all the secrets of this place.  :cool:

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