Inside the Re-Opened Pahoa Village Cafe

A couple weeks ago I blogged that the Pahoa Village Cafe would be re-opening again and then updated it later.

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting Jose Miranda the Entertainment Manager, Day Bartender, DJ and All Around Cafe Worker at the Re-opened Pahoa Village Cafe (PVC) and he told me a little about the place and some of the upcoming things that will be going on.

Jose Miranda Keeping the Customers Happy

Jose Miranda Keeping the Customers Happy

The place was the former location of “Shakas” in downtown Pahoa and has changed much of the interior features to showcase nice art pieces done by local artisans.


Mr. Miranda mentioned the name of the artist, however, I have forgotten.  I’ll update this with the name of the artist to give credit where credit is due as they were beautiful pieces of work.


Wednesdays through Sundays they offer a special theme each night during their “Show Time” hours of 8:00 pm – midnight.

Wednesday Nights are Karaoke Nights where local residents can sing there hearts away with a great entertainment center while having a quick bite of something to eat at their Bar Seating.


Mr. Miranda and “Do it all” Robin then told me that on Thursday nights, they have an “Open Mic” competition where the best act of the night can receive a gift certificate to the Kalapana Cafe which sponsors the evening.


Friday Nights from 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm feature a Live Band and after that DJ Jose rips it up on the turntables.

If dancing isn’t your thing, you can always kick back in the courtyard…


or take in some pool in the back area of the cafe…


Saturday is Acoustic night and Sunday features Dinner Dancing from 6:00 – 8:00.

I asked about the menu although I didn’t have a time to sit down and eat any food, the food that I did see being brought out looked ono.

I did take a “Take Out Menu” so that I could just call in advance and pick up some food when I’m on the run.

pahoa-12-19-004They are located in the heart of Old Pahoa Town and you can call 965-1133 for reservations, show information, or just a simple bite to go.

Stay tuned for an exciting announcement about an upcoming Oahu group that will be performing here on January 3rd.

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  1. I’ve just recently tried Pahoa Village Cafe and found that the service was horrible. The waitresses and bartender was nothing but rude. Also, the bartender, who I believe has absolutely no bartending experience, added water to our drinks! It was absolutely unacceptable! She had no social skills whatsoever and could not even crack a smile. It was very disappointing!

  2. The owners and management of both Pahoa and Kalapana Cafes are the same. The intention is to continue both places of business. In Kalapana there is also a small convenience store in back of the restaurant. My friends who work there in Kalapana say they have had some famous people come to eat there and have really liked it. It is well worth the drive and one can also walk out on the lava to where the new black sand beach is forming. There are a few interesting tree molds in the lava to the right of the trail out to the sea. Enjoy!

  3. Kalapana is owned by the same owners…and the artist at PVC is …. me HOPPER, owner of The Magic Bus

  4. Will they maintain 2 locations? The one in Pahoa and the other at Kalapana?

    Damon – I think Kalapana is different. I think that one is called Black Sands Cafe or Kalapana Cafe. I’m not sure. The cafe down at Kalapana seems to change names/owners every few years.

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