Former Senate District 4 Candidate Anthony Marzi… “New Things Coming”

Congrats to Anthony Marzi on finishing his long sought after degree.

Just noticed that the buggah has posted another blog posting and might start blogging more actively again!

Now he just has to post something that I can understand …  damn brainiac.

Anthony Marzi studies the Legislative Process While Frankie Stapleton Thinks About the Obama Ball

Anthony Marzi thinks about what he will write when he returns to blogging While Frankie Stapleton Thinks About the Obama Ball at the Akebono

Just as I poked fun at Mrs. Edwards Hunt when she was getting her blog going… I might have to do that with Mr. Marzi as well.  So hurry up and start blogging Marz!

I’ll put his blog back on the ‘Roll for now to see if I can’t get him motivated a bit to post more.

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