The Email UH Hilo Students Received After Detonations on Campus

Hat tip to Canspice:

Two more “small” explosions occurred early this morning (1 AM) on UH-Hilo’s Main Campus. One was in the dorm area, and another by Life Sciences/PB13-14 area. There were no injuries and no property damage.

A third un-exploded devise was found by Life Sciences/PB13-14. This has been closed off by Hawaii County Police, and NO ONE is allowed to enter this area. Explosive experts have been contacted and expect to be on campus around 8:30 this morning to remove this devise. Once the “All Clear” is given, this area will again be accessible, and the barriades will be taken down.


These devises are dangerous when they explode, and make a loud “bang”. If you see any “suspicious” bottles, DO NOT DISTURB IT, AND CALL CAMPUS SECURITY IMMEDIATELY AT 974-7911. If you have any seen anything or anyone or have any information regarding these devises, please call Campus Security.

Thank you and stay safe.

More Fights Being Posted… Kealakehe School Fight on School Bus

Big Island kids fighting are once again popping up on youtube.  I blogged about this before here.

I’m not going to glorify many of the fights that have been posted lately.  Anyone can find them with a simple search.

This one just caught my attention because it happened on a school bus.  I don’t know how long these will be posted.

There are more fights that were all posted within the last week on the kids youtube site here.



First Earthdome Built in Hawaii… The Video and Explanation

Dave Corrigan and I were talking about this Earthdome House that we saw on a flyer at the Pahoa Parade.

Wikipedia picture of an Earthdome

Wikipedia picture of an Earthdome

I just saw this video of Mark Hansen talking about the construction of this Earthdome that someone posted on youtube today.

Using Cal-Earth design technology Mark Hansen builds first ever home using all local materials from the Big Island of Hawaii:


Former Senate District 4 Candidate Anthony Marzi… “New Things Coming”

Congrats to Anthony Marzi on finishing his long sought after degree.

Just noticed that the buggah has posted another blog posting and might start blogging more actively again!

Now he just has to post something that I can understand …  damn brainiac.

Anthony Marzi studies the Legislative Process While Frankie Stapleton Thinks About the Obama Ball

Anthony Marzi thinks about what he will write when he returns to blogging While Frankie Stapleton Thinks About the Obama Ball at the Akebono

Just as I poked fun at Mrs. Edwards Hunt when she was getting her blog going… I might have to do that with Mr. Marzi as well.  So hurry up and start blogging Marz!

I’ll put his blog back on the ‘Roll for now to see if I can’t get him motivated a bit to post more.

Today’s KO: How to Render a Coqui Frog Unconscious and Then Bring it Back To Life

Why this person just didn’t kill the damn coqui is the real question?


“Puna News” Investigating Rumor of Alleged Shutdown

I just picked up a copy of the Vol. 8, No. 6 issue of the “Puna News” and at the bottom of the front page it gives an apology for being late in getting out to the community this month.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that the HawaiiFreePress was no longer going to be running a print issue.  I hope no one reading my blog  mistook that posting for the “Puna News”.

From the Puna News in regards to why they were late to the stands this month (sorry no website available):

…However, what happened was not caused by shipping delays, late submissions, broken presses or any of the other things which sometimes plague a small paper.  Rather it was caused by the intentional mischievous or malicious act of another who advised our printer that the Puna News had gone out of business and would no longer be publishing.  Of course this required the resetting of print schedules as press time is always tentative, precious, and costly and when the paper reaches the printer, totally unexpectedly, we had to fit into an already full schedule.

This was done by someone, for whatever reason, is unconscionable and/or extremely poor business practice, and is being investigated

That seems a bit strange… I hope they follow up with this and let us know who, why and the eventual outcome of their investigation.

Inside the Re-Opened Pahoa Village Cafe

A couple weeks ago I blogged that the Pahoa Village Cafe would be re-opening again and then updated it later.

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting Jose Miranda the Entertainment Manager, Day Bartender, DJ and All Around Cafe Worker at the Re-opened Pahoa Village Cafe (PVC) and he told me a little about the place and some of the upcoming things that will be going on.

Jose Miranda Keeping the Customers Happy

Jose Miranda Keeping the Customers Happy

The place was the former location of “Shakas” in downtown Pahoa and has changed much of the interior features to showcase nice art pieces done by local artisans.


Mr. Miranda mentioned the name of the artist, however, I have forgotten.  I’ll update this with the name of the artist to give credit where credit is due as they were beautiful pieces of work.


Wednesdays through Sundays they offer a special theme each night during their “Show Time” hours of 8:00 pm – midnight.

Wednesday Nights are Karaoke Nights where local residents can sing there hearts away with a great entertainment center while having a quick bite of something to eat at their Bar Seating.


Mr. Miranda and “Do it all” Robin then told me that on Thursday nights, they have an “Open Mic” competition where the best act of the night can receive a gift certificate to the Kalapana Cafe which sponsors the evening.


Friday Nights from 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm feature a Live Band and after that DJ Jose rips it up on the turntables.

If dancing isn’t your thing, you can always kick back in the courtyard…


or take in some pool in the back area of the cafe…


Saturday is Acoustic night and Sunday features Dinner Dancing from 6:00 – 8:00.

I asked about the menu although I didn’t have a time to sit down and eat any food, the food that I did see being brought out looked ono.

I did take a “Take Out Menu” so that I could just call in advance and pick up some food when I’m on the run.

pahoa-12-19-004They are located in the heart of Old Pahoa Town and you can call 965-1133 for reservations, show information, or just a simple bite to go.

Stay tuned for an exciting announcement about an upcoming Oahu group that will be performing here on January 3rd.

Damon Dollars Now Being Sold… “Pimp My Blog”

If you have been following my blog, you know by now that I’m looking for a job.

I’ve had some good leads and things look to be on the upside.   I recently got fingerprinted by the FBI for a “Subbing” position with the DOE.

I figured I’d try and be creative and give people a chance at their own little piece of advertisement on what I will coin “Damon Dollars”.

Here’s the deal.  You get to write a message on a dollar and then send it to me.  I’ll post it on my website for the world to see your message.

You get your message posted at the top of this site under “DAMON DOLLARS”… I get a “Damon Dollar”!

I can tell you now… I’ll proceeds will go directly into my pocket.  Well then back into the community as I spend them.

So I’m now investing my first one dollar into this:


And hey… if even if you don’t want to post a message… you can still send a brother a dollar!

Damon Tucker, P.O. Box 1982, Pahoa, Hawaii 96778

P.S. Business cards look good on Lincolns.

More From Inside Pahoa’s New Museum

A couple weeks ago I posted some pictures and a small snippet about Pahoa’s new community museum that is going to open in February.

I went by today and was able to get some more pictures:


No the following picture is not upside down.  This is a large map of the Big Island that has been hung upside down on the ceiling.   I asked the person (Sandre) that was inside about the map, but he didn’t have that much information.  He did mention that the map maker was someone who designs the larger maps in the world…(or something to that effect):

Notice Ceiling Fan on Left for an Idea of the Scale of the Map

Notice Ceiling Fan on Left for an Idea of the Scale of the Size of the Map

Of course what museum wouldn’t be complete without it’s share of Hollywood memorabilia and other collectibles from the ages:

Other collectibles from the Olden Days of Pahoa

Other Collectibles from the Olden Days of Pahoa

They are still shooting for a February grand opening.

More pictures on my previous blog here.

I don’t want to give away all the secrets of this place.  :cool:

Emily’s Office… or OUR Office? A Visit to the Pahoa County Office – Pictures

I got a chance to finally look for our Council District 5 office that the Puna district recently got funding for. I heard it was in the Malama Shopping center, but I wasn’t exactly sure where.

Approaching the shopping center I found this cute little “Burial Marker” at the front of Malama Shopping center:


Nice that it’s called “Emily’s Office” and Not the County District 5 Office

I pull into the Subway there and go around to the back of the shopping center and tucked in the back I found her office behind the garbage dumpsters (coincidence?):


Of course it was a weekend so I didn’t expect it to be open, however, I was hoping to see some sort of office hours, phone number, or just something in general that would let me know when someone would be in the office.


The relief to know that it is Pahoa’s Office and Not Emily’s

I appreciate all the hard work that went into getting this office for our district.

I just wonder how busy they are inside the office if they are having to make signs like the one above in order to get people in the door.

idea I might just stop in sometime this week to see what goes on during the week in a “County Office”.

Now that I know where it is. :roll:

No Pain… No Gain! Effing Dentists!

“No Pain… No Gain!”

Why does that have to be so true with so many things in life? Especially when it comes to dental work?

I hate going to see dentists. I’m lucky enough that I’ve always had insurance for my teeth and my teeth have always been fairly decent besides a cavity here or there.

Recently, I was told I was going to have to have periodontal work and get the inside of my gums cleaned near the roots of my teeth.  The procedure has begun… Effing Dentist!  (I like the guy… honestly)

No pain… No Gain! Why is it that your mouth ends up staying “lockjaw” for 24 hours after a simple 45 minute routine?



False Report… But Who is This Guy?

I noticed a cropped picture on Hawaii24/7 from a Police report and I knew that I knew the guy from somewhere.

I was just trying to figure out where from.

…Officers made contact with the caller, who initially provided a false name to police. He was identified as Phillip Luceano Colleoni and was arrested for the false reporting case…

So who is this Phillip “Luceano” Colleoni?

(Click Pictures for larger version)


Phllip “Tom Cruise” Colleoni?


Phillip “Yanni” Colleoni


Yep… This is our false reporter from Kona

Phillip “Luceano”  Colleoni