Parking at WalMart

I simply hate it… I guess its god’s way of getting back at me for shopping there.

The parking lot is so poorly designed that it sucks.

I thought the one near Ala Moana was poorly designed… this Hilo one has less traffic then the Ala Moana one… but the traffic mess is just a nightmare.

You tell me… is it the parking lot… or is it the drivers?

Keep this between me and you. When leaving WalMart and heading towards Puna… it’s much easier to go out the backside and then travel down Railroad for about a mile instead of trying to deal with the Puainako/Kanoelehua traffic!

2 Responses

  1. Guys, guys – don’t tell everybody!! We *always* try to do that. Soon it’ll be as busy as the main road if we’re not careful….. ;-)


  2. The Waiakea Center parking lot is indeed a nightmare.
    The designer who drew up the plans should be barred from
    doing any further projects in Hawaii.

    I always leave Waiakea Center through the back way on to
    Railroad avenue. It is so much easier to traverse.

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