New Flubug Resistant to Tamiflu… Hawaii Residents Take Note

I’ve been fighting this flu for about 7 days now. I’m finally getting over it. I’ve had a couple people email me talking about having flu like symptoms as well. Ian Lind reported on his blog a few days ago that he too was feeling down in the dumps.

I was just reading this Reuters article about Tamiflu just now:

A common strain of influenza circulating in the United States this winter is resistant to Tamiflu, the most popular drug used to treat it, federal health officials said on Friday…
In a normal flu season, three strains of flu circulate called H1N1, H3N2 and influenza B. Flu kills about 36,000 Americans in an average year.

It is the H1N1 strain that is turning up resistant samples, Gerberding said, and comes mostly from Hawaii, Massachusetts and Texas, the states with the most cases of influenza…

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