*Updated* County Looking to Work With State on H-130 Project

*Updated for clarification

Aaron Stene emailed me some informative .pdf files regarding the State Transportation Improvement Plans (REVISONS) (STIP), and we briefly emailed each other a few thoughts on the project.  I appreciate him putting the link to the detailed break down on his blog here.

This morning I received an email from Public Relation Specialist to the Mayor, Hunter Bishop, asking me to call him regarding the STIP.

I spoke with him for a few as I looked over the .pdf files and Mr. Bishop discussed that the County is looking towards working efficiently with the State on projects that are happening that will impact the lives of County residents.

Mr. Bishop mentioned that the County is specifically interested in continuing working with the State on the Highway 130 Project as well as the overall safety and  design of the highway.  Bishop does recognize that the project is a State project, however, he reminded me that the side roads that link to H-130 are County roads.

Hunter Bishop and Mayor Kenoi, Photo By Damon Tucker

Public Relation Specialist Hunter Bishop and Hawaii Mayor Billy Kenoi at the recent PGV Anniversary, Photo By Damon Tucker

If the State and the County can work effectively together on this project, then the overall results will benefit us all.  I believe local officials know more about the needs of our community then the State Officials.

Mr. Bishop has attended past meetings, as well as other county officials. I hope there will continued to be someone from the County and Mayors offices attending future KPAG meetings currently scheduled at Keaau Elementary School.  We as a community, really need to make sure that the “County” does assist us in monitoring this project so that the long term benefits of this project do help us as a community.

I will be putting a link to the latest revision (#5) to the State Transportation Improvement Plan on the left of my blog for future reference.

Of note to Puna residents (page 3):

  • HS20. Keaau-Pahoa Road (Route 130) Improvements, Keaau to Pahoa Defer and reflect design estimate increase. Defer and inflate right of way. Schedule adjusted to reflect completion schedule for EA.
  • HS21. Keaau-Pahoa Road (Route 130) Improvements,Keaau to Pahoa, Phase 1 Defer construction. Design is delayed. See HS20.
  • HS24. Keaau-Pahoa Road (Route 130), Shoulder Lane Conversion, Keaau Bypass Road to Shower Drive Defer and inflate construction. Scope change to include PM shoulderlane. This added scope will delay design completion.

*Updated for clarification purposes

2 Responses

  1. Actually we have until January 16, 2009 to submit comments
    to these revisions according to this website


    Damon – The actual “meetings” for public testimony on the H-130 KPAG project has not been announced yet.

    More information has been released recently here.

  2. Bear in mind these revisions are not set in stone. They still
    need to go through a public comment period and be approved
    by the FHWA.

    Damon – As soon as the public comment period is announced I will post it.

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