Staff Shortage Limits Maui Camping Permit Availability

I just noticed this picture on this vacationers blog who is visiting all the states w/in an 8 month time period.  He was trying to pick up a camping permit so that he could camp on Maui and ran into this sign:


Staff shortages… or lack of money?  You tell me as I know a lot of people looking for work!

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  1. Before we started our trip we already knew that these permits were required on some campsites on Maui. We were just to lazy to request these permits before we started our trip, so this is our own fault.
    The Haleakala National Park (which does not require these state permits) turned out to be a very nice place for camping anyway, both on the volcano itself and on the coastline on eastern Maui. So I guess we did not miss that much without such a permit :-).

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