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Tiffany Edwards Hunt Writing for Stephens Media Again

(IN NO SHAPE OR WAY IS THIS A DIG AT TIFFANY… It’s a dig at Stephens Media)

I’m rather suprised to see Tiffany Edwards Hunt name in todays Big Island Weekly as the “reporter” for this Pohoiki story. :shock:

It was just 8 days ago Edwards wrote on her blog entitled:  Plenty of Food, Wine and Laughs at Press Club X-Mas Party.

…It really is pretty grim here on the island for journalists, with the only show in town for journalists, newspaper-wise, being Stephens Media, which is more content with the bottom line and busting the Tribune-Herald’s union than ensuring that its employees love coming to work everyday

Its not so strange that she has gone back to writing for a newspaper… It’s the whole “Stephens Media” issue.  I understand everyone needs to make a buck.  I figured with her new blog, she would be able to stay away from Stephens Media as much as possible.

In another blog a couple weeks ago,  she entails how the editor:

The night editor had removed paragraphs where I detailed how students from the Kua O Ka La Public Charter School had bedecked Auntie Em with leis and surrounded her to bellow out a powerful chant that led her to tears, just after she had been sworn in to public office…

All that had been taken out of my story, and I was admonished for not writing more about the newly sworn in West Hawaii council members in my piece about the inauguration.  And so, I quit that newspaper on principle…

Whatever Tiffany decides to do… I stand by her decision.

She’s a great lady and I just find it ironic that she is writing for Stephens again.

I doubt this will diminish her own personal blog at all… other then the fact that she might leave the more “Juicy” articles off her blog now.  :roll:

2 Responses

  1. This is funny… Basically, Jed Stockton asked me to write for him, saying he needed “a competent voice for Puna.” I am not on the payroll, just a stringer as “Neeter Lou” points out… If they can respect my right to free speech to state my past experience working with them, then I have no problem stringing for them. They key also is that writing is my way of life, and Stephens Media is the only show in town for that… As we know… Aside from our blogs. And mine is currently in the red :) and I just got the COBRA health insurance rates for the family… If that isn’t inspiring for free-lance work, I don’t know what is… You get the picture.
    Also, FYI, I’ll have a monthly column in the Puna News come January.

    Damon – Thanks for clarifying… You know I got your back. Wish my writing was worthy of “Real Print” at times. If you ever do figure out of a way to get out of the “red”… let me know… because I know how you feel on that matter. But then again, it was never my intention to make money on my blog. But if I can… then more the better for my son in the long run!

  2. Good! We need more good writers. I’m gonna guess she is stringing. I am glad to have her “back.”

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