Opening Up My Blog to Anonymous Comments

Someone complained that you had to type in an email address to make a comment on my blog.

I can understand why some people would want to comment anonymously.

I’m going to remove the requirement that one has to enter an email  so that people who wish to comment anonymously still can.

4 Responses

  1. Damon – What is the difference between anonymous and Neeter

    Precisely! Requiring an email makes it no more anonymous than calling yourself “NeeterLou”. Of course some people DO call me that. smile

    Damon – I’m just making it so that people who wish to comment can do so that much easier. I will still be monitoring comments. I just remind people that anonymous comments are just that… anonymous and to take them as they may be. If someone choses to be anonymous, that is their choice. Credibility will be determined by those reading this blog.


    I think this is why I was upset on your post about the guy that the cab driver tried to kill by running him over. and He WAS a jerk, it’s just that he hadn’t even DONE anything except get into an argument.

    And yes, this is YOUR blog. :-)

    The one I am fuming about 3 years later is a community blog, “owned” equally by everyone in the community.

    And yes, I was the one subject to character assassination.

    OH, never mind. Sorry.

  3. I mean you weren’t even sending an email requiring a confirmation. You can tell you hit a sore spot here, huh?

    Damon – What is the difference between anonymous and Neeter. ;)

  4. Is this an “April Fools?” Jeez anyone can post a FAKE email. I’ve had people complain that putting a name on their post (in another forum) would expose them, no idea of a handle let alone an avatar. … Same people very slow to figure out one could have more than one ID… Of course these people could have been tagged as Idiots. They were also the ones posting mean and cruel posts. go figure.

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