Local Media Picks Up on PGV Admission… Why Weren’t We Told About This 3 Years Ago?

Yesterday, Andrew Cooper sent me an email telling me to check out his recent blog about PGV Drills Into Magma.  I posted a small blip about it here.

The story has taken off… but why has it taken 3 years to do so?

Peter Sur from the Hawaii Tribune followed up today here:

“…Plant manager Michael Kaleikini said workers noticed the drill bit was experiencing some torque, which often indicates loose rock was gettting stuck in the well. So the drill team backed up about 30 or 40 feet and tried again — but they found that the well had become shallow by 20 feet. They repeated the procedure, but found that the well had lost 20 feet again…”

PGV Plant Manager Mike Kalehihi

PGV Plant Manager Mike Kaleikini (I love it... I can actually say "Photo by DamonTucker")

Big Island Video News posted a link here along with a clip of the PGV plant when Dave and I  had a chance to visit the site last week.  (I wish we had known about this story now!)

Nature Magazine has picked up the story 4 hours ago.

And of course the Advertiser will have it on it’s breaking news soon enough. ;)

My question… why weren’t any of us alerted to this earlier?

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  1. Beside the obvious desire not to panic anyone, they probably were not certain what had happened. That would come later when the lab analyzed the samples, and geologists reviewed the event. Drillers do the job essentially blind, feeling their way at the other end of a very long pipe.

    I can not see how anything could have gone wrong beyond losing the drill bit. No way lava could come up through a 2.5km borehole. That would be like forcing water through a supercooled pipe, it would freeze and plug before it got very far. The magma only made it a few meters.

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