Do You Twitter?

Twitter seems to be taking over the world right now in the way people communicate online.

I’ve had several people ask me what my Twitter account is automatically assuming that I had one.

I did register for an account about a year ago.  The thing is… I’m a “Haole” in a Potagee body.  The charachter limitations on the application is just to shibai for me.

I like to rant and rave… if you haven’t noticed.  Everytime I seemed like saying something on twitter… I hit my character limitation and it became frustrating.

I know I have plenty of friends that are using it on a daily/hourly basis and many of them “live by twitter”.  So I can’t say that there really isn’t anything wrong with using it… I just don’t like the limitations of it.

Also, I think it’s an application that is primarily for people who are “On the run” more then I am.  Others say it’s great for your cell phone… sheesh… I’m still trying to learn how to text message on my phone!

I hate  text messaging on my phone… I need a keypad to communicate… not this small little number boards with 3 letters on each key.

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