Tiffany Edwards Hunt Writing for Stephens Media Again

(IN NO SHAPE OR WAY IS THIS A DIG AT TIFFANY… It’s a dig at Stephens Media)

I’m rather suprised to see Tiffany Edwards Hunt name in todays Big Island Weekly as the “reporter” for this Pohoiki story. :shock:

It was just 8 days ago Edwards wrote on her blog entitled:  Plenty of Food, Wine and Laughs at Press Club X-Mas Party.

…It really is pretty grim here on the island for journalists, with the only show in town for journalists, newspaper-wise, being Stephens Media, which is more content with the bottom line and busting the Tribune-Herald’s union than ensuring that its employees love coming to work everyday

Its not so strange that she has gone back to writing for a newspaper… It’s the whole “Stephens Media” issue.  I understand everyone needs to make a buck.  I figured with her new blog, she would be able to stay away from Stephens Media as much as possible.

In another blog a couple weeks ago,  she entails how the editor:

The night editor had removed paragraphs where I detailed how students from the Kua O Ka La Public Charter School had bedecked Auntie Em with leis and surrounded her to bellow out a powerful chant that led her to tears, just after she had been sworn in to public office…

All that had been taken out of my story, and I was admonished for not writing more about the newly sworn in West Hawaii council members in my piece about the inauguration.  And so, I quit that newspaper on principle…

Whatever Tiffany decides to do… I stand by her decision.

She’s a great lady and I just find it ironic that she is writing for Stephens again.

I doubt this will diminish her own personal blog at all… other then the fact that she might leave the more “Juicy” articles off her blog now.  :roll:

State Sells $125.2 Million in Highway Revenue Bonds

Governor Linda Lingle announced today that the State successfully completed its sale of $125.2 million of Highway Revenue Bonds to fund various highway capital improvement projects throughout the State…

…“Completion of the $125.2 million Highways Revenue Bond sale today, along with the sale of $227.8 million in general obligation bonds earlier this month, will provide a portion of the initial funding for our $1.8 billion public infrastructure improvement plan announced on Monday,” said Governor Lingle  “These resources will aid in boosting our construction industry, and support our five-point economic action plan to stimulate and strengthen Hawai‘i’s economy and create jobs,” added Governor Lingle…

More Here

Lingle on Capital Improvement Projects… The Video

Part I


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Another Puna Robbery

The Hawaii Police Department is investigating a reported attempted robbery Tuesday (December 16) in the Puna District.

On Wednesday (December 17), a 25-year-old Puna man reported to South Hilo police that he had been parked at the post office boxes near the top of Paradise Drive in Hawaiian Paradise Park when two males accosted him just before midnight. The victim reported that one subject demanded property from him.

Both suspects fled the area, possibly on foot, as another vehicle approached the area.

One suspect is described as a Caucasian male in his late teens to early 20s. He was last seen wearing a black T-shirt and a black cap.

The other suspect reportedly wore a mask to conceal his identity.

The victim did not sustain any injuries during the incident.

Police are asking that anyone with information about the attempted robbery call the Police Department’s non-emergency line at 935-3311. Tipsters who prefer to remain anonymous may Crime Stoppers at 961-8300 in Hilo or 329-8181 in Kona. All Crime Stoppers calls are kept confidential.

Sick on the Superferry: Engineering Student Describes His Superferry Ride

I got a kick out of reading the following blog posting by some engineering student entitled:  The Superferry Three of us Would Not Call It Super

… The Alakai just has a draft of 12ft.  That is very little. Other ferries which I traveled with on the Baltic see have a draft between 20 and 23ft. Maybe some of the harbors on the Hawaiian islands are not deep enough for larger ships…

Unfortunately, during the first 45 minutes of the ride and within the last half an hour, we had to travel in the open sea. That caused heavy body rolling and pitch movements of the vessel.

Matthias M. was the first one to feel a little sick, but it did not take much time until Matthias G. and Ania also took some comfort bags. Just in case.  This is an understatement, you know how that story goes… Only Andreas and I would still have answered “We’re fine.” to any habitual American welcoming phrase, although I must admit that it was a bit like traveling in a glider while looking for lift winds. Perhaps irrational driving trains to stand these conditions?…

Out on the Deck... Getting Fresh Air and Drinking Complimentary Ginger Ale

Out on the Deck... Getting Fresh Air and Drinking Complimentary Ginger Ale

Opening Up My Blog to Anonymous Comments

Someone complained that you had to type in an email address to make a comment on my blog.

I can understand why some people would want to comment anonymously.

I’m going to remove the requirement that one has to enter an email  so that people who wish to comment anonymously still can.

Hilo Hatties Fires 31… 120 Employees Out of Work in Next Few Weeks

Everyone new Hilo Hatties was in trouble with bankruptcy… I’m not sure how many people expected this!

Happy Holidays:

“More than 120 Hawaii workers will lose the jobs over the next several weeks as two companies close and a third tries to stay in business…”

More Here

Bus Service to Expand

…Mass Transit Director Tom Brown said Tuesday his agency would use its cut for two new 33-passenger buses — which cost $150,000 apiece — and to increase the number of bus runs islandwide, particularly in Ka’u, Puna and Kona…

More Here

Today’s KO


Mayors Assistant Still Writing For the Advertiser? Reflection on Big Island Murder Case

I just noticed this article in today’s Honolulu Advertiser written by Mayor Kenoi’s current East Hawaii Executive Assistant and former Advertiser reporter, Kevin Dayton.

I’m not sure if the Advertiser is just reprinting it or if this was recently written.  I guess he could have also written it a while back and it’s only taken until now for the Advertiser to finally publish it.

It says:

Superplume Beneath Hawaii May Have Shaped the Earth

I love the word… Superplume!

The two superplumes, one beneath Hawaii and the other beneath Africa, have likely existed for at least 200 million years, explained Wendy Panero, assistant professor of earth sciences at Ohio State University.

The giant plumes — or “superpiles” as Panero calls them — rise from the bottom of Earth’s mantle, just above our planet’s core. Each is larger than the continental United States. And each is surrounded by a wall of plates from Earth’s crust that have sunk into the mantle…

superplume1More Here

Local Media Picks Up on PGV Admission… Why Weren’t We Told About This 3 Years Ago?

Yesterday, Andrew Cooper sent me an email telling me to check out his recent blog about PGV Drills Into Magma.  I posted a small blip about it here.

The story has taken off… but why has it taken 3 years to do so?

Peter Sur from the Hawaii Tribune followed up today here:

“…Plant manager Michael Kaleikini said workers noticed the drill bit was experiencing some torque, which often indicates loose rock was gettting stuck in the well. So the drill team backed up about 30 or 40 feet and tried again — but they found that the well had become shallow by 20 feet. They repeated the procedure, but found that the well had lost 20 feet again…”

PGV Plant Manager Mike Kalehihi

PGV Plant Manager Mike Kaleikini (I love it... I can actually say "Photo by DamonTucker")

Big Island Video News posted a link here along with a clip of the PGV plant when Dave and I  had a chance to visit the site last week.  (I wish we had known about this story now!)

Nature Magazine has picked up the story 4 hours ago.

And of course the Advertiser will have it on it’s breaking news soon enough. ;)

My question… why weren’t any of us alerted to this earlier?


My wife has been drinking Tazo Chai Tea for a few years now.  I really didn’t like the taste of it when I first tried .

This past weekend as I was sick… I started drinking it in hopes that my stomach bug would get better.

It really helped a lot… and now I find myself just drinking it for the hell of it.

I’ve never been much of a Tea Drinker… so I find myself amazed that I actually dig this stuff.

If you ever see it in the store… try it out!  It’s a bit more expensive then some other teas… but they always say….”You get what you pay for”.


Do You Twitter?

Twitter seems to be taking over the world right now in the way people communicate online.

I’ve had several people ask me what my Twitter account is automatically assuming that I had one.

I did register for an account about a year ago.  The thing is… I’m a “Haole” in a Potagee body.  The charachter limitations on the application is just to shibai for me.

I like to rant and rave… if you haven’t noticed.  Everytime I seemed like saying something on twitter… I hit my character limitation and it became frustrating.

I know I have plenty of friends that are using it on a daily/hourly basis and many of them “live by twitter”.  So I can’t say that there really isn’t anything wrong with using it… I just don’t like the limitations of it.

Also, I think it’s an application that is primarily for people who are “On the run” more then I am.  Others say it’s great for your cell phone… sheesh… I’m still trying to learn how to text message on my phone!

I hate  text messaging on my phone… I need a keypad to communicate… not this small little number boards with 3 letters on each key.

Why Are You Against The Military… I’m NOT!

I often get asked this question and just recently was asked something similar:

“Why are you so against the military”?

I just felt the need to clarify something.  I’m not “Against” the Military.

I’m really not “Against” many things at all.

I am against some of the policies that Military Personnel must follow.

I have many relatives in the military.

I know that the military attempts to recruit many lower class and minority people.

I’ve lost friends at war and have current family members serving overseas.

My grandfather was a decorated military officer and fought against the Nazi’s at one time.

I just don’t trust what GW Bush and those that are directly under him have lead us to believe sometimes.

I truly think peace in the world, could come with out military force.

When and how… that’s a whole different topic.

I don’t want people to think I’m against the military.

I’m just a suspicious buggah at times and so many military missions are so shrouded in secrecy that we the public don’t ever get to know what is really going on sometimes until many years later.

I have many friends and family members that have served, and I think some of them are the greatest citizens ever.

I know the military has shaped a few of my friends from High School from punks into productive members of society.

I have nothing against military personnel.  But if you were to ask me about their current commander in chief…. that’s a different story.

Maybe my attitude will change somewhat with the new Obama administration?