I Am The Way… The Way I Am

Well if I haven’t pissed everyone off over my blogs about the MacKenzie slayings, I’m sure to piss a few people off with this one.

I have never been real religious.  I don’t have anything against people who are religious.  I consider myself more “spiritual” then anything.

I attended a service this morning and they did the thing where they dunk the piece of bread in holy water and then you eat the bread.

Everyone was moving to the pastor to have it done… but then my wife grabbed me and told me that I’m not suppose to go up there because I’m not of that “Religion”.  Talk about feeling left out ;)

Sometimes I wonder if people really believe that I’m going to go to heaven or hell based upon things that I do?

If that’s the case, I’m going to Hell because there isn’t anything that could ever over come all the bad punk ass crap I did as a kid to ever get me into heaven.

Religion, Politics and Murders… two three things I should stay away from… because I know I’m just gonna piss people off.

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  1. Not a single thing you said ‘pissed’ me off…I’m with you, man. Seems that you correctly stated things that have been reported. Whether they turn out to be true or not is not the issue.

    Free thinking & speech are your right, and there are many that share your points of view…where anyone else “believes” anyone is “going” doesn’t make it true. Far as I know, anyone that can read your blog is only gonna find out when they’re dead…or not!

    Keep it up!

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