“Suspect” or “Person of Interest” – Mackenzie Park Clarification

Geez people… Tiffany Edwards thinks I’m gonna feel like an ass for presuming things.

I apologize in advance if I previously stated that Randrup’s father was a “Suspect” in his disapearrance.

Someone else with much more media knowledge then me suggested I change the title to something other then “Suspect” until more facts are given.

Well the Honolulu Advertiser has headlined there article as:

Puna Murder SUSPECT in Honolulu Hospital

So before anyone else jumps on me… let me just say, that all I know at this point is that he is still just a “person of interest”.

I’m just adding a little words from my gut instincts to some of the press releases that have been put out there already.

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  1. Aloha, I have come across your blog and would like to comment on what I have read. I am a close friend of the family and know that randy would never ever hurt his son. His children are his life, as is his very new grandson. So please, out there don’t believe what is being said. I know the circumstances seem strange, but the family has just received a double blow. Chris( Hans) has been murdered, and Randy has been in a terrible car accident, where he now lies in a hospital on Oahu possibly unknowing about the death of his son entirely. Please, let the family have some space and if you have any information about Chris’s death please come forward.

    Damon – Thank you for your comment. I’d also say if anyone has any information about the car wreck to also come forward.

  2. Damon,

    Your posts aren’t especially innaccurate; they’re just insensitive. Chris and his family have been here a long time and have many loving friends. To all of us this hits a lot closer than just another Puna murder. You can find all kinds of justification for your rush to get the “scoop”, but that doesn’t make it less painfull for the hundreds of local people touched by Chris and his family. It would be better for you to wait and see how this shakes out, and offer comfort to Chris’ friends and relatives.

    Damon – To be quite honest… I didn’t rush to scoop anything. In fact… a reader asked me why I hadn’t wrote about this story yet. I then followed his email up with this post nearly 15-20 hours after it was posted on other sites… Including Tiffany’s own blog.

  3. A suspect is just a suspect, not the guilty party. Innocent until proven guilty, does that still work? It should.

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