More on Big Island Advertiser’s Bureau Possible Closure

While Gannet continues to downsize across the country, I’ve noticed the quality of Honolulu’s own Advertiser has really gone down hill.

The more and more people they lay off, the less opportunities that people have to read quality news.

I read the comment/rumor by Hugh Clark on Big Island Chronicle about the possible shut down of the Advertisers Bureau here on the Big Island and I have come up with some possible scenarios that I could see playing out in the near future if it were to close down.

1.  The Bureau keeps the Big Island positions open for awhile (few months maximum) and slowly starts laying it’s employees off until it’s nothing but a skeleton possibly leaving only a few part-time employees working there.  Then, they finally close it a while later.

2. The Bureau closes down completely because the profits just aren’t there anymore.

3. The Bureau asks for cuts in salaries to keep the Big Island positions or across the entire Advertiser to save the paper in general.

4. Bureau employees on the Big Island walk off and start their own thing, whether it be another start up paper, blogs, or a complete different line of employment.

5.  Any other guesses?

It will be interesting to see how things play out in the next few years with newspapers in general.

If they continue to treat their employees like crap… then I wouldn’t blame any of the employees from possibly walking if that’s the route they decide to take.

I’m always looking for a few ex-journalist to link to my blog.  ;)

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  1. What “Big Island positions”? The bureau has always been a one-person deal, and now that Kevin’s moved to the mayor’s office there’s no one there!

    Damon – So has it already closed down then? I’m not a journalist… never have claimed to be one. I’m just tossing guesses out in the wind based on Hugh Clarks comment.

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