More Journalists to the “Roll” – Nancy Cook Lauer and Paula Bender

It seems more and more journalists are learning the value of the digital era and are turning to blogs to write about things that interest them without worrying about getting paid for things.

Nancy worked as the Hawaii state Capitol reporter for Stephens Media Group, whose newspapers include West Hawaii Today, the Hawaii-Tribune-Herald and the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

She informed me this morning of her new blog “All Hawaii News” and even though she has only posted one post so far, I know that with a little incentive, soon enough she will be a full fledged blogger!  I’m adding her to my blogroll immediately.

Another Freelance Writer and Journalist who I’ve never met personally but have communicated with on and off for a few years is Paula Bender, AKA “Lavagal“.  She writes for the East Oahu Sun and you can also see a lot of her articles in HMSA literature.

It was strange, I got an email from both of these fine journalists this morning telling me to check out their blogs… and I look forward to having them on my “Roll”.  I have followed the writings of both of these ladies for the last few years and I’m glad they are finally “Blogging”

So checkout “All Hawaii News” and “Lavagal” for some more island bloggers that I highly respect (Although they just recently started blogging)

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  1. Mahalo Damon!

    Just wanted to clarify that I haven’t written for the East Oahu Sun in months. My column would get the heave ho if space were tight, and I felt it was more worthy of ink than some of the other stuff that ran, but that’s just IMHO. I could get really cranky when I felt my column was so darn good only to be cut!

    Most of my free-lance assignments come from The Honolulu Advertiser’s Custom Publications Group, and I hope it continues. I write for the monthly glossy Homescapes, and there are advertisers who have engaged me to write advertorial for the Sunday supplement, Renovations. I’ve just gotten a gig to write for the Website RSVP Style, run by Cathy Lee and her partner Lissa Rodrigues. I’m hoping they like MY style and the relationship continues.

    My day job is as a writer for HMSA, communicating on its behalf to healthcare providers, as opposed to the department that writes for the member audience via Island Scene, etc. It’s an interesting challenge to write to an audience that has little time but needs to be informed of so much.

    Mahalo for the mention, Damon!

    Aloha, Paula Bender aka Lavagal

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