Former Hilo Resident Editor for Mainland Hawaii Paper… Great Site for Hawaiian Music Reviews

I don’t know why I haven’t mentioned this site earlier.

Northwest Hawai’i Times is a paper that is run out of the Pacific Northwest by a few people that have ties to Hawaii in one way or another.  It’s a monthly paper that has interesting articles that is geared towards people in the Northwest who may have moved there from the islands.

The editor and publisher, Rochelle delaCruz, is a Hilo native herself.

There are many different sections to the paper: Food Stuffs, Kama’aina Profiles, Photo Galleries… etc.

It also has a section that has a music review that is done by someone that I greatly respect.

Gregg Porter’s monthly Review of New Releases is a must read for anyone that enjoys Hawaiian Music.

His current article features the new releases of Tia Carrere/Danielle Ho as well as Amy Hanaiali’i.

Others might know Gregg locally  as “The Voice of the Radio”. ;)

Check it out: Gregg Porter Music Reviews

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