“Suspect” or “Person of Interest” – Mackenzie Park Clarification

Geez people… Tiffany Edwards thinks I’m gonna feel like an ass for presuming things.

I apologize in advance if I previously stated that Randrup’s father was a “Suspect” in his disapearrance.

Someone else with much more media knowledge then me suggested I change the title to something other then “Suspect” until more facts are given.

Well the Honolulu Advertiser has headlined there article as:

Puna Murder SUSPECT in Honolulu Hospital

So before anyone else jumps on me… let me just say, that all I know at this point is that he is still just a “person of interest”.

I’m just adding a little words from my gut instincts to some of the press releases that have been put out there already.

Hawaii Procurement Technical Assistance Center

Anthony Marzi handed me some literature at the recent PAR workshop held at the public library on a new program sponsored by OHA,  called the Hawaii Procurement Technical Assistance Center.

I didn’t really have much of a chance to view the literature during the meeting but I have since checked out their web site.

Its an organization that is set up to provide a wide range of services to small start up businesses such as: Counseling, Bid Matching, Market Research, Assisting in Bid Preparation, and Securing Registration  & Certification.

Their mission:

Is to help small businesses better understand how to successfuly market goods & services to the government (at the federal, state, and county levels) that can result in job creation, income generation, and business retention.

More about this unique opportunity here.

Former Hilo Resident Editor for Mainland Hawaii Paper… Great Site for Hawaiian Music Reviews

I don’t know why I haven’t mentioned this site earlier.

Northwest Hawai’i Times is a paper that is run out of the Pacific Northwest by a few people that have ties to Hawaii in one way or another.  It’s a monthly paper that has interesting articles that is geared towards people in the Northwest who may have moved there from the islands.

The editor and publisher, Rochelle delaCruz, is a Hilo native herself.

There are many different sections to the paper: Food Stuffs, Kama’aina Profiles, Photo Galleries… etc.

It also has a section that has a music review that is done by someone that I greatly respect.

Gregg Porter’s monthly Review of New Releases is a must read for anyone that enjoys Hawaiian Music.

His current article features the new releases of Tia Carrere/Danielle Ho as well as Amy Hanaiali’i.

Others might know Gregg locally  as “The Voice of the Radio”. ;)

Check it out: Gregg Porter Music Reviews

RIP Clyde Halemaumau “Kindy” Sproat… Video

“Clyde Halemaumau “Kindy” Sproat, one of Hawaii’s most renowned falsetto singers and musicians, died Monday, Dec. 15 at his home. He was 78…”

More Here

Here he is performing from The Great Performers (June 2007):


“These are the songs I grew up with. They make me come alive. The tunes haunt me,” he says. “Who knows them? Who sings them? Nobody.So, I feel I should preserve them. They’re beautiful and they tell beautiful stories. I don’t expect any of the young ones to sing and play the songs like I do because they never heard them in their time. I’m just playing and singing what I heard in my time. And I retained all that.”

“One ‘ukulele and one soul can do a lot.”

He went to school in Niuli’i, and gives much credit to the principal of the grade school there, “Uncle” Edwin Lindsey, for instilling in him and many others a love for Hawaiian music.

“When I was in high school, and I was suffering from tangle mind syndrome, my mind was all tangled…I would run away from school and walk all the way up here [cliffs in Pololu Valley]. And climb up over here and lay down and look down…I would sit down here and look out over here and count my blessings.
Pretty soon when you go home…my, you’re in a good mood.”

Kindy retired after 20 years in the Air Force, and now performs and collects Hawaiian and hapa-haole folk songs…

More Here

Report From Informed Citizen Workshop… Pictures

I just got back from the “Informed Citizen Workshop” that was presented by the State Legislatures Public Access Room.

About 13 – 15 people were in attendance.

It was a pleasure to see someone from the Public Access Room that I had worked with previously at the Legislature, Ms. Suzanne Marinelli.

Most of the information at the meeting was about how to read the legislatures website.

Something that struck me… was that 92% of the bills that are introduced to the legislature, end up failing.

Suzanne Marinelli explains what it takes to get a bill introduced

Suzanne Marinelli explains what it takes to get a bill introduced

A key phrase that Ms. Marinelli emphasized, was that “We are all Lobbyist.”  Another thing she mentioned, was that the Representatives themselved don’t write the bills… they only introduce them most of the time on behalf of others.

Anthony Marzi, Frankie (Gotcha) Stapleton and others listen closely

Anthony Marzi, Frankie (Gotcha) Stapleton and others listen closely

There will be two more meetings like the one held tonight.

  • Tuesday 12/16/08, 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Waimea Thelma Parker Library

  • Wednesday 12/17/08, 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Kona Liquor Control Conference Room  (75-5722 Hanama Place, #1107, Kailua-Kona)

You can view my original post on this here to learn more about what was talked about in the meeting.

Today’s KO

Ever heard of a “Trust Fall”:


The Ultimate Honor for Any Blogger in Hawaii

I’m truly honored that Ian Lind has felt that my blog is worthy of his blogroll.

Ian is by far not only one of the STATES best bloggers, but he is also one of the NATIONS best blogger.

I’ve been reading his blog, since the day I knew what a blog was.  I don’t know how to explain how ecstatic I am to be honored to be on his ‘roll.

It feels kind of like I just got put on a team with a legendary superstar whom I’ve always admired.

His Investigative reports in the Star-Bulletin as well as other publications are legendary, so just having my name posted on his blog is something that is very honorable.

Mahalo Ian


MacKenzie Case Gets Weirder… Father Found in Car Wreck a Couple Days Ago

Ok this MacKenzie killing is getting weirder by the moment.

Police have called off the hunt for his father:

The Hawaii Police Department has called off the search for Randal K. Randrup.  The 60-year-old Puna man was involved in a one-car traffic crash on Hawaii Belt Road in Captain Cook at 9 a.m. Saturday (December 13). He was transported to The Queens Medical Center on Oahu and is confined in critical condition. At the time of the crash, he was operating the 1968 Volkswagen van being sought in this case…

More Here

State Leaders Unveil $1.8 Billion Public Infrastructure Improvement Plan

Governor Linda Lingle, mayors, legislators, construction industry executives and labor leaders today unveiled a sweeping plan to implement $1,865,522,037 in public infrastructure improvement projects statewide as part of a comprehensive effort to stimulate the economy and create jobs.  Through a collaborative effort that includes the counties, construction industry organizations, and labor unions, this plan focuses on 1,521 projects statewide which have been already budgeted and approved by the Legislature and are ready to start construction within the next 18 months

More Here

Breakdown of expenditures Here

Father is “Person of Interest” in MacKenzie Killing”

I mentioned yesterday about all the unsolved murders that have happened at MacKenzie park.

This one looks like it might be solved soon, as the father is a person of interest in the slaying.

I hate it when there are family tragedies around holidays.   While the father is only a  “person of interest” at this time, I would hate to think that any father could kill his own son.

Randall K. Randrup

Randall K. Randrup

Hilo Criminal Investigation Section Detectives are looking for the father of a 27-year-old man found dead along the Puna Coastline Friday afternoon. Randal K. Randrup, 60, of Leilani Estates was last seen Friday afternoon in Keaau.

He is described as Caucasian, 6-feet tall, 175 pounds with greyish-brown hair and brown eyes. He was last seen operating a 1968 tan Volkswagen van, license plate number HHW 848. Police have not been able to contact Randal Randrup, who resided with his son prior to the discovery of the body. The body of Hans Christian Randrup, 27, was found on the shoreline area of Mackenzie State Park. The body sustained multiple gunshot wounds.

Police are calling Randall Randrup a person of interest in this case. They ask that caution be used should Randrup be seen and that Police be notified immediately.

Police ask that anyone with information about this case call Detective Rio Amon-Wilkins at 961-2386 or the Police Department’s non-emergency line at 935-3311. Tipsters who prefer to remain anonymous may call Crime Stoppers at 961-8300 in Hilo or 329-8181 in Kona. All Crime Stoppers information is kept confidential.

Goldfish in a Glass Bowl

I try and write things that are interesting to everyone, and I know that the main focus of my blog is just to keep me busy and entertained.  I’m not writing to try and please anyone or make any friends.  However, I’m certainly not writing to try and piss anyone off.

I didn’t really realize how many people would start reading this blog.

Sometimes, I feel hesitant to write things that I would normally write because I don’t want everyone in the world to know what a kook I am!

A few times in the last couple weeks, I have had people come up to me and say… “I read your blog Damon.”   When that happens… I don’t know what to say!  “Um… do you like it?  Do you hate it?… Um… That’s a different Damon Tucker”

I don’t really know who reads my blog and who doesn’t, but it is a weird feeling when people know who I am because of something I have written online.

I don’t try and offend anyone on purpose, but sometimes people have to realize that we all can get a stick up our butt about certain issues.

I’m really glad the whole election cycle is over.  The next election cycle, I’m going to try my best and stay out of things as much as I can.  If you want to know who I’m voting for… you’ll have to ask me directly. ;)

I endorsed a few candidates this year, and by doing so… I may have turned off a few readers.  That was never my intention, nor purpose in supporting those candidates that I did.

I always try and write from my heart and those candidates that I was so passionate about, I had my reasons for it.

Many times during the election cycle… I felt like a goldfish in a glass bowl… the problem was… that glass bowl was sitting on top of a Bunsen burner and I was getting scalded in that bowl!

More Journalists to the “Roll” – Nancy Cook Lauer and Paula Bender

It seems more and more journalists are learning the value of the digital era and are turning to blogs to write about things that interest them without worrying about getting paid for things.

Nancy worked as the Hawaii state Capitol reporter for Stephens Media Group, whose newspapers include West Hawaii Today, the Hawaii-Tribune-Herald and the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

She informed me this morning of her new blog “All Hawaii News” and even though she has only posted one post so far, I know that with a little incentive, soon enough she will be a full fledged blogger!  I’m adding her to my blogroll immediately.

Another Freelance Writer and Journalist who I’ve never met personally but have communicated with on and off for a few years is Paula Bender, AKA “Lavagal“.  She writes for the East Oahu Sun and you can also see a lot of her articles in HMSA literature.

It was strange, I got an email from both of these fine journalists this morning telling me to check out their blogs… and I look forward to having them on my “Roll”.  I have followed the writings of both of these ladies for the last few years and I’m glad they are finally “Blogging”

So checkout “All Hawaii News” and “Lavagal” for some more island bloggers that I highly respect (Although they just recently started blogging)

More on Big Island Advertiser’s Bureau Possible Closure

While Gannet continues to downsize across the country, I’ve noticed the quality of Honolulu’s own Advertiser has really gone down hill.

The more and more people they lay off, the less opportunities that people have to read quality news.

I read the comment/rumor by Hugh Clark on Big Island Chronicle about the possible shut down of the Advertisers Bureau here on the Big Island and I have come up with some possible scenarios that I could see playing out in the near future if it were to close down.

1.  The Bureau keeps the Big Island positions open for awhile (few months maximum) and slowly starts laying it’s employees off until it’s nothing but a skeleton possibly leaving only a few part-time employees working there.  Then, they finally close it a while later.

2. The Bureau closes down completely because the profits just aren’t there anymore.

3. The Bureau asks for cuts in salaries to keep the Big Island positions or across the entire Advertiser to save the paper in general.

4. Bureau employees on the Big Island walk off and start their own thing, whether it be another start up paper, blogs, or a complete different line of employment.

5.  Any other guesses?

It will be interesting to see how things play out in the next few years with newspapers in general.

If they continue to treat their employees like crap… then I wouldn’t blame any of the employees from possibly walking if that’s the route they decide to take.

I’m always looking for a few ex-journalist to link to my blog.  ;)