Ian Lind on Big Island Advertiser Bureau Rumor… “It Certainly Sounds Plausible”

Yesterday, I wrote a post about what I had read on “The Big Island Chronicle” after reading former Honolulu Advertiser reporter, Hugh Clarks, comment:

…There also are unverified reports that the Advertiser bureau here is being closed after at least 48 years of fulltime bureau chiefs, inludimg a time when fewer than 60,000 residents lived in this county following 1960 tsunami that leveled much of Hilo…

Former Starbulletin Investigative Reporter Ian Lind followed up with some comments about the situation himself, although he incorrectly reported that the comment was left on my blog (which I have sent him an email about).

It certainly sounds plausible. If Gannett’s thinking about cutting out home delivery, then things like  geographically-based bureaus are likely on the hit list as well….

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