Student Regent That Supported UARC at UH Resigns

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UH Student Regent Michael Dahilig submitted his written resignation to Governor Linda Lingle on Friday. (See letter below)

Michael Dahilig (UH Photo)

Michael Dahilig (UH Photo)

Dahilig was one of the regents that supported the UH Decision to to support the Navy UARC at UH despite the fact that most students were against it.

In this September 2007 interview, he defends his decision:

…He said personally for him it came down to a question of academic freedom. He said the three-year moratorium on classified research was “a fair compromise.” Ultimately, he said, “the pros outweighed the cons,” so he voted for the military research program…

…He said that while he is “not 100% proud” of the vote, that he felt he “tipped his hat” to the overwhelming student opposition by voting yes with reservations…

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Resignation letter:


MacKenzie State Park… Park of the Unsolved Murders

If anyone has been to Mackenzie State Park, they know how isolated it is.

There are no real bathroom facilities no lifeguards and no pay phones around.

Another murder happened there this week.

Hans Christian Randrup’s murder, is the third murder in or near the park that has not been solved as of yet that I have heard of.

Dr. Philip Wolsk, 28, was found bludgeoned to death in his tent at MacKenzie on April 24, 1980. He’d been camping there with his fiancee, who was badly injured in the attack. The killers were never identified.

Sequoya Vargas, a 16-year-old Puna girl, was thrown over a cliff near the park the night of Aug. 22, 1993, after being sexually assaulted by three men…Vargas’ body was never found…

Sequoia Vargas

Sequoya Vargas

This is a STATE Park and yet we have all these unsolved murders happening.  Not a good sign.

Speaking of signs, I haven’t driven past MacKenzie Park in awhile… has the State ever put up a new official state sign… or does this one that Hunter Bishop took a picture of still exist down there?  Talk about State facilities getting run down… they can’t even fix a sign!


Today’s KO

Nothing like a good old school dance:


Questions About Atmospheric Pressure Answered on Big Island

My ears pop all the time when I’m driving around Hawaii. I can get my ears to pop at least once driving from Hilo to Pahoa.

My mom lives about 3 miles up Waianuenue… and my ears can pop just from driving from Bayfront, up to her house.

I’m curious if atmospheric pressure has anything to do with it?  When I lived on the mainland, it hardly seems like I can remember my ears popping.

For over two centuries, meteorologists were puzzled by the observation that atmospheric pressure in the tropics peaks at 10 a.m. and 10 p.m…
…The waves, called solar tides, propagate to the ground as they travel around the globe. Strong support for this theory has now been presented in a study by a US-Japan team of scientists spearheaded by University of Hawai’i (UH) Professor Kevin Hamilton, Interim Director of the UH climate research center, the International Pacific Research Center…
…Hamilton reasoned that if the proposed explanation was correct, then the pressure variations should be affected systematically by topography. Since mountains cast a kind of shadow for the atmospheric wave as it propagates westward (following the sun) and downward, he predicted that the pressure variations should be weaker on the west than the east side of steep mountains…
One of the most dramatic examples of the shadow effect in the computer model results occurs with the tall mountains of the Big Island of Hawaii

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Ian Lind on Big Island Advertiser Bureau Rumor… “It Certainly Sounds Plausible”

Yesterday, I wrote a post about what I had read on “The Big Island Chronicle” after reading former Honolulu Advertiser reporter, Hugh Clarks, comment:

…There also are unverified reports that the Advertiser bureau here is being closed after at least 48 years of fulltime bureau chiefs, inludimg a time when fewer than 60,000 residents lived in this county following 1960 tsunami that leveled much of Hilo…

Former Starbulletin Investigative Reporter Ian Lind followed up with some comments about the situation himself, although he incorrectly reported that the comment was left on my blog (which I have sent him an email about).

It certainly sounds plausible. If Gannett’s thinking about cutting out home delivery, then things like  geographically-based bureaus are likely on the hit list as well….

Thunder… Where’s the Lightning? Getting Shocked Through the Phone No Rumor

Well it does look like were in for another wet day out here in Pahoa.

The thunder is crackling but you can’t see the lightning because it is day time.  Thunder doesn’t seem near as scary without the lightning.

My wifes grandmother has actually been shocked through the phone lines because of lightning.

Many people think it is a rumor, but I can verify through her accounts of the event… that it’s not.

I haven’t ever heard of someone being shocked during an electrical storm with a cell phone.  Landlines… blech!  HawaiiTel… go jump off the deep end already!

Pohoiki Ramp & Rock Depth: Video from DLNR Meeting

On Monday of last week, there was a meeting with the DLNR about the Pohoiki boat ramp.

I just found the following video posted by “Recreationalboater” explaining some of the information on the boat ramp and rock depth at Pohoiki:


3.3 Earthquake Registered on Kilauea

A minor earthquake occurred at 7:15:50 AM (HST) on Sunday, December 14, 2008 .
The magnitude 3.3 event occurred 15 km (9 miles) WSW of Kilauea Summit.
The hypocentral depth is 14 km ( 9 miles).

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Too Sick for Tangerines

I’m obviously still sick.  Last night, I slept downstairs instead of sleeping with my wife and son…

This morning… my son wakes me up and says:

“Dad, are you gonna go pick tangerines with us?”

I said… “I’m too sick for tangerines.”

He says… “But tangerines will make you better”

I say… “Picking them one make me better”

He says… “But eating them will”

I say… “You go pick… I’ll eat”


I guess he is taking after his mom after all! ;)

I hate being sick!

Sunday Silly