Radio Station LAVA 105.3 Airing Community “Island Issues” and Seeking Questions

Island Issues is broadcast around the island on Sunday mornings at 6:30 a.m on KOA Country (KKOA-Volcano, 107.7 FM, Hawaii Island’s Country Station) and at 8:00 a.m. on LAVA 105 (KBGX-Kea’au, 105.3 FM, Hawaii Islands Oldies Station)

This coming Monday (Dec. 15th), they will be taping an episode with Council Chair John Yoshimoto.

There is still a limited amount of time to submit questions for this program with Chairman Yoshimoto that will Air on December 21st.  (You will need to email Sherry Bracken by the end of today for Yoshimoto questions.  Questions submitted will not be guaranteed to be asked)

Host Sherry Bracken welcomes your suggestions and questions–email her at

For more information on upcoming shows Go to the Island Issues website, and click on Upcoming Shows to see who upcoming guests will be.

The following is the question that I submitted for Council Chair Yoshimoto, which was based upon the new council rules that testifiers would only be given three minutes to testify… and council members would not have a chance to respond until all people testifying gave their testimony:

How will the general public know and the council members confirm or verify mis-information or mis-representation of testimony if the council members cannot question the testifier immediately after their testimony is given?

Because once the testifier has completed testimony, and he or she leaves the council room, there is no protocol for requiring the testifier to stick around and answer questions the council members may have.


Damon Tucker
Pahoa, Hawaii

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  1. Name of song you played at 1:10pm
    ” don’t walk away Renee”?

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