“My Chances of Being A Victim in Pahoa”… 1 in 216

The Big Island Chronicle recently wrote a blog about crime in Puna.

Police: Why Are The Thugs Being Left To Rule in response to the recent murders that we have had here in Pahoa and Puna.

Many of us feel safe here in our little corner of paradise, however statistically we are not as safe here in Pahoa, as we would be in other parts of Hawaii according to the the website neighborhood scout.

There was this murder that happened at MacKenzie State park the other day and just a month ago someone was assaulted and later died next to the fire station in downtown Pahoa.

I’ve heard stories of back in the days when Puna was much more violent then it is now.  I take it all for granted, knowing that I very rarely frequent spots where a crime may occur.

According to this site (Which I don’t know how accurate it is), it states that people in Pahoa have a 1 in 216 chance of being a victim of a violent crime.

This statistic is much higher then the rest of the State at 1 in 392 chances of being a victim.

More on the site here:

Violent Crime Comparison per 1000 residents.

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