More on the Hawaiian Honeykeepers: Convergent Evolution

I mentioned the other day about the Honeykeepers in Hawaii being different then elsewhere the other day here.

Former reporter Jan TenBruggencate has more on these unique birds here.

“…This sort of thing has happened before in nature, and it’s something the scientific community calls convergent evolution. That’s when very different things evolve to have similar features. Example: Salmon have fins and seals have flippers. One’s a fish and one’s a mammal, but those swimming devices look quite alike. Another example: wings on bats and birds…”


Convergent Evolution:

Describes the acquisition of the same biological trait in unrelated lineages……One of the most famous examples of convergent evolution is the camera eye of cephalopods (e.g. squid) and vertebrates (e.g. mammals)…

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